What Does Sushi Taste Like? What To Know About Best Tasting Sushi Rolls

People all over the world had gathered to savor the taste of different cultures that they encounter. One of the most popular delicacies that most of us had clanged to is the well-known Japanese sushi. If you’ve never had a sushi, then you probably have asked yourself or anyone this question, “What does sushi taste like?” Of course, you will get contrasting answers and you’ll find that intimidating. To get a more concrete answer, I’ve conducted an in-depth research and discovered the things you need to know if you’re a sushi newbie. Let’s check it out!


What does sushi taste like?

You probably had this stereotyping that sushi is raw fish, but you’re wrong. Sushi is actually a Japanese form of food preparation consisting mainly of cooked rice, seafood, and vegetables. The raw fish that you thought of was called a sashimi. Sushi became a prominent way of preserving fish in Japan more than 2,000 years ago. Fast forward, the rice can already be eaten together with the fish and other ingredients.

The taste of sushi is indeed tough to stipulate due to its complex ingredients, however you’ll get to experience a harmony of flavors – and that’s guaranteed. You can savor the sourness from the vinegar in sushi rice, the hotness from wasabi, the bitterness and saltiness of soy sauce, and the sweetness of the rice.

How To Make Sushi?

To start with, sushi has different types that can variate its taste. Let’s unravel this palatable world and we’ll soon enter a new era of sushi love:


Maki are rolled sushi consisting of fish, meat, and vegetables. Using a bamboo mat, all ingredients are rolled into nori (seaweed) and have it stuffed as much as possible. In addition to that, you can also roll the ingredients in a soy paper, egg omelet, or cucumber. You can almost see this type of sushi in any Japanese restaurant that you visit. It also has some stalls that sell them per set.


If you’ve encountered eating a maki sushi that contains raw fish, then a nigiri will be your best buddy to sashimi. Nigiri plainly means “hand-pressed sushi”. Most people add wasabi in the middle of the rice and neta, a slice of seafood or fish, to add hotness and kill any bacteria existing on the raw fish.


Inari is another type of sushi that looks good and absolutely tastes good as well. The brown pouch is actually tofu filled with sushi rice. You can also add some other ingredients to make it more thrilling, like shitake mushrooms, carrots, and sesame seeds.


Among all the other types of sushi, chirashi is also related to sashimi in some way as it’s covered with raw fish. Raw fish would probably give you an impression of a solid taste, but if you want to at least eat it with a milder taste, try less oily fishes like red snapper, tuna, and halibut.

What To Do During Your First Experience?

There are a lot of tips that you should keep in mind especially when it’s your first time trying out the prominent sushi. Take these into consideration when you are looking into a place to eat or even your preference of what to eat. With all the information at your disposal, it is possible to guarantee that you have the best sushi escapade conceivable.

If this will be your first time, I would recommend starting off with a Maki roll. If you were contented with the Maki roll and want to try something raw that tastes like sashimi, then I would recommend getting a tuna roll.

Maki rolls that contain cucumber is a great avenue for you to enjoy your first time in eating sushi. They comprise meek ingredients and still have the sushi flair. Vegetarian items can help you to get used to the way this food is produced as well.

If you want to try a wild sea of flavors, I would recommend for you to add wasabi for hotness before dipping it to soy sauce. Japanese soy sauce is improved than the regular soy sauce because it tastes sweeter and matches the sushi better. To refresh your appetite, eat a bit of pickled ginger slices or drink hot green tea in between the consumption of different sushi types that you have in front of you.

As much as possible, avoid mixing wasabi with soy sauce because the flavor will be weakened. Instead, what I suggest is for you to use your chopstick to put a small amount of wasabi on your sushi then dip it into the soy sauce.

When eating sushi, have to put the entire thing into your mouth. Don’t try to bite it in half. You won’t be able to and what’s going to happen is you’ll just end up ineptly spilling rice and sabotaging the experience. If you really think you can’t fit it, try chewing it a little while you are putting it in your mouth. You can also opt for smaller pieces when ordering.

Getting to know more about sushi before you visit a Japanese place itself will indeed help you gain a jam-packed experience. The taste of sushi is delightful especially if all ingredients create an abundant harmony. If you’re new to sushi start with a dish without raw fish. To gradually increase your appetite to raw fish begin with less oily fish, like tuna, halibut, or red snapper.

With many sushi types that we have available now in most of the markets, the taste of sushi has become as palatable as you can absolutely savor some tropical fruits and seasoned vegetables in the mix. Even if with just small bites, you can already feel fulfilled without the feeling of pomposity.

As a first timer, make sure you are aware with the custom. Most western sushi bars are not expecting much but being familiar with the culture itself and what is expected as a part of your decorum will make the experience more pleasurable. Let’s try sushi today!

What does sushi taste like? What To Know About Best Tasting Sushi Rolls
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What does sushi taste like? What To Know About Best Tasting Sushi Rolls
“What does sushi taste like?” Of course, you will get contrasting answers and you’ll find that intimidating.
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