Store Tomatillos By Mean Of Simple Ways

Mexican food use a lot of delicious & healthy seeds with tomatillos and that is what gives the food an outstanding taste. The tomatillo is a fantastic fruit and it is a key ingredient when it comes to cooking Mexican green sauces. The tart flavor and the green color are the key contributors to the dishes. This fruit is mostly used in preserves and jams.

The binomial name for tomatillos is Physalis philadelphica and this fruit happens to be a very important ingredient in the Latin sauces. This fruit is sold all year round in all the super market. The peak season of this fruit is from May to about October. The fruit is used in a variety of sauces and salsa, this wonderful fruit has a very distinctive aroma that similar to lemon grass. The fruit is very high in Vitamin C and A and is good for those people who want to shed a few extra kilos of body weight.

History of Tomatillos

The fruit was grown in Mexico before the Europeans arrived in the country. The ancient Aztec and Mayan civilization used this fruit for various things. Historians say that the people then survived on this fruit. The fruit is very nutritious and has a pleasing taste.

Store Tomatillos By Mean Of Simple Ways

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The fruit is found growing primarily in Mexico an in the areas of Morelos and Hidalgo, you will also find them growing in the Guatemala highlands. The plant is exported to various countries all over the world. In the early 1950’s the plant was sent to India and widely cultivated in Rajasthan. Queensland, Kenya and Pietersburg are some other places that it is grown. In the USA places such as Iowa and California have this fruit in abundance.

Effective ways to store tomatillos

Now there may be times when you have ended up buying a lot of tomatillos and you are not sure of how you want to keep them. Well here are some quick tips on how you can store this wonderful fruit.

Storing the tomatillos

It is no secret that by storing fresh vegetables and fruits properly we can increase their life. It is always better to store for the future, so is you have purchased this fruit in bulk quantity then it is better to store them.

Store Tomatillos By Mean Of Simple Ways

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Taking care of the plant

If you are growing your own tomatillos in your own backyard, then it might ne easy for you to store them. You can simply avoid plucking the fruits, instead you can uproot the whole plant and then store it hung up in an upside position in a doom that is dark and cool. You have to keep it away from moisture or the fruits will get spoiled. After this you have the liberty to remove any of the fruits whenever you  want to.

String them together

There is no doubt that this is a time consuming chore but at the end of it your efforts will pay off. You can always involve your kids in this as it is not too difficult. The fruit resembles lanterns when they still have the stalk and the husk on. You can simply tie all of them firmly with one another and keep them in the kitchen. This will not only make the kitchen look decorative but it will be easier to use them.

Try using Wicker baskets

You may have noticed that your grandparents would keep garlic, onions and vegetables in wicker basket. That is because they had a good idea on how to store items while giving them the right kind of ventilation. Try to get hold of a basket that you can hang in one corner and put the fruit in the this basket. If you choose this method you can bee rest assured that the fruit will last for more about 60 days.

Store Tomatillos By Mean Of Simple Ways

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Store them while they are crisp

The best way to store anything is to simply put in the fridge and the rest falls into place. You will have to simply peel the fruit under flowing water as it will help you get rid any residue, once you are done with this you can place the fruits in a  bowl  with a paper towel or you could also put them in a bag made of paper. Put the fruits straight into a crisp section and by doing this your fruits will last for about a month even if they are a bit raw.

Blending and Storing

You may put the fruit in a food processor and convert it into a puree. You can pour the puree in a jar or bottle and put it in the fridge. You must also consider adding some salt and spices to make sure that it will last for a long time. You can use the sauce to add a little sparkle to the flavor of any dish that you have whipped up. You also have the option of pouring the puree in the ice tray and freeze it, then put the frozen solid pieces in separate pouches. You can use the puree to make Mexican salsa.

Store Tomatillos By Mean Of Simple Ways

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Freezing is a good option

There is no doubt that freezing is the best way to store food for the future, freezing food also helps to retain the nutrition and  makes it last longer. Before you put the fruits in the freezer you must wash them well and then dry them. Put the fruits on a tray and put in the freezer, after fruits are frozen you can put them in pouches, these pouches will keep the moisture out for a long period. With this particular method you can store the fruits for more than a year.

Some additional information how to store Tomatillos

Cooking the fruits can compromise the flavor but if you cook it in a pressure cooker you can preserve the fruits for a long time. For those of you who love this fruit to a great extent you can make marmalade and jams and then put them in the refrigerator. For people who like eating at odd hours they can simply go to the fridge and bring out some tortillas and smear a generous quantity of the marmalade made of tomatillo and eat it. Some people have described the combination of tomatillo jam and tortilla a heavenly experience and that everyone should try it.

Store Tomatillos By Mean Of Simple Ways

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Now it may happen that you have guests over and you want to serve Mexican food and you find that the tomatillo has gone bad well do not panic as you can use other sauces as substitutes.  So you see that it is always a great idea to store food well in advance. You can store tomatillos in batches and use the ones that are old that way the newer ones can be used later. Always monitor them and remember when you purchased them.

You can get plenty of ideas on how to incorporate the usage of tomatillo puree in the Mexican food that you have cooked from online video tutorials. You can also take cooking lessons from well known chefs. These chefs will show you how to use tomatillo puree and Delicious & Healthy Food in your cooking to enhance the flavor substantially.

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