How To Navigate A Farmers Market For Organic Food

The summer season means that most of us would be getting a heavy and large produce of organic food at the nearest farmers market. You can shop easily and get the best benefits with the help of a few essential tips. Because of the wide availability of fresh quality products making their way out directly through the farm the farmer’s market is gaining more popularity day by day.

Chances are that you probably might have noticed an increase in many of the farmer’s market around your locality and surrounding neighborhood – and in this case you might be right. Nowadays there are around 40% more farmers market nationally then they used to be a few years ago.

Accessing fresh and delicious unusual produce has never been much simpler with the knowledge on basic food groups. With the help of more communities coming forward for supporting and embracing bakers, growers and local farmers of all kinds the development is moving at a rapid pace.

However for people who’ve never shopped from a farmer’s market before, the process can be slightly overwhelming and confusing. There are people who avoid it due to some biased conceptions of what they would be further expecting.

With these best tips for shopping around the farmer’s market you’re surely bound to bring home the best produce for your grocery needs. With these tips you’ll have the very best shopping experience possible.

Do Some Research Before Hand

Some of the largest differences between your conventional grocery store and farmer’s market won’t be found easily by a new shopper. Suppose, you won’t be able to find tomatoes in the month of February or strawberries in the month of October in any of the markets and fruits like mangoes, pineapples or bananas couldn’t be seen. Firstly it would be better know what’s locally available and in-season for avoiding further disappointment.

This information can also be found in the market website in case your market has one.

Ask Around For Stuff

What can be better than getting in informative conversation with the person who actually harvested the corn or just grew these flowers or baked the brioche? These vendors whom you visit at the market are involved in hard work for earning income and take pride in the products they sell.

They would freely welcome the opportunity to let you know about that unusual looking squash or the weird runner bean, as well as the different ways to efficiently cook or store it. So asking things away is a great idea – you just need to be mindful of other shoppers, who would be looking up for quickly making their product purchase.

Provide A Good Feedback

Engaging with farmers operating within the market would be one of the best ways for enhancing your overall farmer’s market experience. So are you making a killer cobbler with these peaches? Did your family taste the panzanella salad and was completely blown away?

Farmers who basically grow and further create would depend much on the total feedback and would surely appreciate your time that you provided for seeking these out and letting them know regarding how much the food produce was appreciated by you.

Going Either Too Early Or Too Late

For someone who rises up too early, they can plan accordingly and try out visiting the market in early morning hours, so that you get availability of a large variety of food produce at cheaper prices. Another tip for someone who can’t get up early is to head towards the market in late evening. This time is also great for getting good bargains and discounts on the freshly produced food items as farmers would provide huge discounts for avoiding the leftover produce taking home at the day’s end.

Do Not Shop Being Hungry

This would be the basic rule of shopping everywhere, but when it comes to farmer’s market produce, following this rule is equally essential. The delicious food produce that waits outside with every product shining with bright colors would want you to take all the produce at your home, but this wouldn’t be practical.

Also you’ll pass through all kinds of vendors who sell fresh baked breads and cookies and maybe also some junctions of fried food that would emit an amazing smell. If you do not want to easily get carried away by these things, you must be sure to consume a light meal before going. However, you can try out the freshly baked bread in case your hunger starts to show while you’re shopping.

Try Keeping Hands Off

Manhandling the food produce in the farmer’s market would be taken as an insult by the grower and to make it worse, it would create loss when many hands touch it for the day. Know the fact that the fruit you’re looking at was probably picked the same morning, meaning it’s ripe! However, if you’re having doubts it would be better to just ask the farmer. He would be happy to provide you with help and info and would also appreciate the respect of the food produce.

Before Buying Take The Available Stock

Taking a quick visit to the whole market before you make your very first purchase would be one of the best ways for seeing what’s available before you purchase anything. Many market vendors would try to sell you the same food produce, so it is better to know what would look fresh and best instead of purchasing the first thing that you’re able to see and regret your purchase while reaching next vendor.

You would also come to know that many booths are present that would sell you different things such as honey, pies, crafts and flowers. Before spending out you would like to know about all the available options.

Cut, Wash And Store As Early As Possible

As local food produce isn’t filled up with different preservatives, you would come to know that it wouldn’t last as long on your counter as the food that you generally buy from the grocery. This would really be a great thing to do! With the proper and efficient storage you can simply prevent the food from quickly rotting. Freezing or refrigerating food would be a great way to extend the shelf life.

Also if you’re cutting and cleaning the bought produce in the right manner, it would turn much better to eat instead of letting it turn bad. Consuming a small amount of washed berries through a container would be simpler than washing the berries again and again while you’re willing to eat them.


Most locally available farmer’s markets are heavily dependent on the community support. And this support for them is mainly felt while you’re patronizing the local market. The market people would always need extra hands for setting up and breaking down tents, posting different signs, getting shift at information tent and help for special events.

Navigating the farmer’s market is one of the best ways to get healthy and nutritious food for your entire family. This would also be a great way to support farmers and helping the environment by purchasing food produce that’s grown locally. With these simple tips you can quickly become professional cook who is experienced at collecting the best of the farmer’s market produce at reasonable prices.

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