Instant Pot 101: A Quick Guide To Cooking Frozen Chicken Breasts

Chicken breasts are perhaps the most popular cut of meat sold in the United States of America today. They are swift, easy, and worth every penny. Chicken is a very handy food and it can be used with season and be set in multiple ways. When cooking chicken you should always keep in mind that the temperature should at least 165 degrees Fahrenheit to guarantee that it is cooked meticulously. It is significant to keep a thermometer in your kitchen to check the temperature of all meats that are cooked. This avoids disease from raw food. Another important factor in cooking frozen chicken is to evoke that frozen chicken must be cooked 50 percent lengthier than if the chicken was defrosted out.


As a matter of fact, storing chicken breasts are definitely useful when it comes to cooking different meals. Since we are dealing with raw and frozen food, we need to confirm that we can have it cooked properly to promote cleanliness and safety upon consumption. What are the best ways of cooking them so you end up with moist, tender, palatable meat? In this article, we will share you a quick and easy guide to show how to cook frozen chicken breasts properly using an instant pot. In this world where everybody is always on the go, there are some things which make life simple and easy. An InstaPot cooker is absolutely on of them.

Instant pot, commonly known as InstaPot, is basically a multi-purpose pressure cooker, which functions like a pressure cooker, rice cooker, yogurt maker and several other functions. Of course, the maintenance cleaning is easy as there is certainly less filth and grease to deal with. You have the advantage to prepare a quick dinner and savor it with your family. It definitely has intentions to surge the quality time you spend with your family. The meal cooked using this great equipment also helps promote a healthy lifestyle.

Step No. 1: Cutting Your Chicken Pieces

Make sure to select pieces that would suit the InstaPot. Start with about a pound of frozen chicken breasts which can be just a single piece or have it sliced into smaller portions. You can opt to cut it to regular sizes as well. Just make sure not to overcrowd the InstaPot to guarantee that it will be cooked equally and thoroughly.

Step No. 2: Preparing The Flavor

Mix 1 part water and 1 part of your chosen flavor. After you blend in the water to make a full cup of liquid, pour it over the chicken inside your InstaPot equipment. Close the lid and set to either approximately fifteen (15) minutes for regular sized chicken breasts, or thirty (30) minutes to single pieces weighing at least one (1) pound.

Step No. 3: Cooking The Chicken

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Put the frozen chicken piece inside the Instant Pot liner, and pour the prepared flavor over the chicken. Close the lid (with vent set to sealing position). Afterwards, press the ‘Poultry’ button and use the +/- control buttons to adjust the cooking time. For standard chicken breasts (~4-6 oz. each), it needs to be cooked  for approximately fifteen (15) minutes; while for extra-large chicken breasts (~1 lb. each), it should be cooked for thirty (30) minutes.

Step No. 4: Preparation For Plating

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After the waiting for the specific cook time to finish, open the valve for a quick release and remove the chicken to have it shredded into smaller pieces. If in case you were able to assess that your chicken is undercooked, you don’t have to worry– just shred it as best you can and return it to the pot with either ‘Slow Cooker’ or ‘Sauté’ mode turned on until it’s cooked completely.

What’s remarkable in using this type of method is you can absolutely try different flavors. After doing some research, I found some recipes shared by flavorrd.com. You can certainly mix and match them too. Here are they as follows:

  • Honey Dijon: 1/2 cup water + 1/4 cup whole grain mustard + 1/4 cup honey + hot sauce (if desired);
  • Lemon Garlic Herb: 1/2 cup water + juice from 1/2 lemon + 2 cloves minced garlic + 1/2 tsp. dried basil + salt/pepper
  • Jamaican Jerk: 1/2 cup water + 1/4 cup molasses + 2 Tbsp. lime juice + 2 Tbsp. orange juice + generous sprinkles of dried thyme/allspice/salt to taste + a handful of fresh sliced garlic and ginger (and hot peppers if desired)
  • Chile Verde: one 10-oz. can green enchilada sauce (no need to dilute with water)
  • Thai Curry: 1 cup canned coconut milk + 1-2 Tbsp. Thai curry paste of your choice (no need to dilute with water)
  • Simple Salsa: 1/2 cup water + 1/2 cup of your favorite salsa
  • BBQ: 1/2 cup water + 1/2 cup of your favorite barbecue sauce + a splash of apple cider vinegar for extra tang
  • Teriyaki: 1/2 cup water + 1/4 cup soy sauce + 1/4 cup orange juice + 1 Tbsp. brown sugar + a squirt of Sirach
  • Cuban Mojo: 1/2 cup water + 1/3 cup orange juice + juice from 1/2 lime + 1-2 cloves of minced garlic + 1/2 tsp. cumin + salt/pepper
  • Spicy Korean: 1/2 cup water + 2 Tbsp. gochujang + 2 Tbsp. honey + 2 Tbsp. soy sauce + 1 Tbsp. sesame oil + 1 Tbsp. rice vinegar

Also, be definite to cool the meat very rapidly if you’re reserving it for later use or using it chopped or shredded in another recipe, preferably in a container placed in an ice water bath. And hold the cooked chicken in the refrigerator no longer than 3-4 days. In addition to that, if you have young children, elderly persons, or those with a compromised immune system in your household, choose the higher temperature as well.

It is indeed remarkable how technology makes everything easy for us. In just a couple of minutes, you will be able to enjoy cooking and savor the moment of cooking chicken using an InstaPot. Try it now!

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Mike - July 24, 2017

First of all, thanks for the article…I just got my Instant Pot, have only used it a couple of times so far, and am still in learning mode.

The overall process here is clear and easy, and I really like the list of different seasoning options…very interesting the consistency of procedure, which makes it pretty simple to experiment.

However, I have one big question: why is the first step “cutting your chicken pieces?” Aren’t we talking about frozen chicken? How in the world am I going to cut chicken pieces that are frozen solid? It seems like this step is a carry-over from instructions for prepping fresh chicken. I want to be sure that I’m reading everything correctly for frozen chicken specifically, as that’s what I have on-hand for tonight. 🙂



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