Healthy Food Habits To Maintain A Healthy Life!

Every person works to fill his and his family’s stomach. We do all sort of jobs in order to fill our stomach. Food is the basic requirement of everyone. We need food for survival. Nowadays modernization has left an immense impact on our lives. Even the food habits that we follow are affected by our modern lifestyle. We should be very much cautious about our health. We should see that our food habits do not have a bad impact on our health.

In today’s world we prefer junk food and fast food more than the food that is cooked at home. This is because everything is instant in these matters and nobody wants to spend hours together in kitchen to cook food. Just a click and you have your meals at your doorsteps. Why would someone spend a lot of time in cooking in the kitchen when it is so easy and simple? In all this we our missing an very important part of life and that is “Our Health”. We have forgotten that our health is directly affected by the food that we take. Today all the chronic diseases that are increasing from person to person are due to all these stuff and junk that we love to eat.

Now when you have made up your mind that you have to stop eating these junk items in meal, you might be thinking how to cook healthily? Even though if we decide that we will cook at home we are so ignorant that we lack knowledge of healthy food items and in this we miss out a very important part called as a good dietary supplement. Here are some of the ways that will help you to cook healthy food.

Different ways to cook food in a healthy manner

First and the most important thing that makes your diet delicious and healthy is “Low calories and high fibers “. This is the thing you need to follow in your cooking. You should make sure that you don’t go for deep frying and use more oil. If you are thinking how to cook healthily, here there are several ways of cooking healthy food that you can follow to cook a healthy meal.

  • Steaming and using steam for cooking

Steamed food is always better because it does not require much of vegetable oils and fats. Once you use steaming technique to cook your food, almost half of your food problems are sorted out. It is believed that when you cook food in a steamer or a closed container all the essential components of the veggies that you use are retained there itself, and you can use them all. You have to make sure that you use fresh vegetables that are even organic. Using organic vegetables is considered to be a good sign of healthy diet.

You should always avoid the plant ingredients that are chemically treated with pesticides. These chemicals are very much harmful to health and are a main reason for cardiovascular health conditions. By using steaming technique a lot of chronic diseases can be prevented as there is less utilization of unwanted fatty acids that are a main source for all the bad health conditions. You can add as much as salt you require and need not worry about it because much of the salt is washed away by the steam in the form of water vapors. Boiled and steamed food is always good for healthy living and a better hygiene.

  • Use of microwave for cooking

Using microwave for cooking prevents more fat consumption and it requires very less fatty acids and oils. Microwave mainly follows the same principle as it is in the steam cooking. The heat that is used in the microwave cooks the food and it need not be fried deep in oil. Most of the things that you like can be prepared in microwave rather than using frying methods. Many delicious and your favorite food items can be prepared in the microwave.

  • Use of pressure cookers

Cooking your food in a pressure cooker is always a best option because when you cook your food in a pressure cooker all the essential nutrients of the food items remain intact. This helps the body utilize entire nutrition from the food. Here in the pressure cooker there is a minimum utilization of unwanted fats and oils. Cooking food in a pressure cooker can also be tagged as “Less fat cooking“. All the essential vitamins and minerals that are present in the veggies are totally made available to the body by keeping them intact in the vegetables. In this way using a pressure cooker for cooking is considered to be a good way of cooking healthy food.

  • Stir frying and tossing

Here a very little amount of oil is used to cook food. Here a continuous stirring and tossing is practiced. Due to continuous stirring you can use very less amount of oil to fry the food items. This can be made as a substitute for deep frying. Most of the cardiovascular disorders are due to high cholesterol levels in the body. This thing can be controlled by using this technique. By stirring the small chopped vegetables they require very little oil to get cooked and even give a delicious taste to food. These are some of the methods that you can follow to maintain a healthy diet.

Proper selection of the ingredients to cook healthy food

Now when you know what are the methods that you need to follow to cook a healthy meal you may still be under confusion what ingredients to use and how to use them and in what proportions. You may be wandering how to cook healthily.

To deal with this you must firstly know the harmful effects of the unhealthy foods that you consume in your day to day life. Some of the basic disorders that you will be facing will be chronic diseases, cardiovascular problems, improper digestion, acidity, blur vision and many more. In order to get rid of all these health problems proper selection of ingredients is very important.

One should have a proper knowledge about the calories, nutrients and the dietary fats that are present in the food. You must always go for organic ingredients rather than the ones that are cultured chemically.

Before cooking a healthy meal one should have a proper knowledge about the things that you use in your meals. Calcium content and vitamin-D are one of the main components that should be present in your diet that can help you build up your bones and which can strengthen your immune system. Calcium can be directly obtained from the dairy essentials. When you make use of the dairy essentials make sure that you use low fat or skimmed milk products that do not have high fat contents.

Proteins are another important component that adds up to your dietary values. A wide variety of proteins can be obtained from meat source. Fish, meat and skimmed off meat products can be used in the diet to get the essential proteins. Vegetables are a rich source of proteins. Vegetables like beans can also be used in cooking so that you get a full protein requirement to your body. Soya bean oil is another ingredient that is a rich source of proteins. Proteins are essential biomolecules that makes up the body cells and are a major component of the immune system. Several proteins can be obtained from the plant sources as well as animal sources.

Whole grains are another important component that adds value to the diet and increases the quality of the food that we take. Whole grains like barley, almonds, etc. can be used in the food items to maintain a good health. Whole grains and pulses contribute much of the healthy meals, in the diet.

Proteins that are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids are very much essential in the dietary supplements that you take. Eggs are a rich source of such proteins. Foods that have a very high content of proteins are good for health.

Always it’s better to use fresh vegetables rather than the frozen ones. Vegetables kept for several days may lose their valuable contents. So consuming fresh vegetables adds up to a good diet. Olive oil can be used as a substitute in place of normal vegetable oils because of is low cholesterol value that adds up to a better meal and provides a good taste to the food that you cook.

Avoiding excess carbohydrates is always a good option to keep your body fat maintained. Excess of carbohydrates add up to your body fat and body weight that makes you much lazier too.

Now you have solution for your question how to cook healthily. If you follow all these healthy cooking methods and use the ingredients as stated, you make contribute much more fairly to your healthy diet. Eating healthier to live longer can be an ideal principle in the task of healthy cooking!

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