Harmful Foods That We Love To Eat


In this fast moving world, nobody has enough time to invest in making and taking healthy food which takes ample of time and labour too while making the food. Everyone prefers to have the meal which is easy to prepare and gives delicious taste. There are numerous packaged noodles of different brands are available in market which claims only 2 minutes of preparation time. In developed countries like America, Russia we get everything half cooked from market from chicken to rice. One just has to purchase it and eat it.


From children to old person everybody loves fast foods. But they do not know how much these junk foods are injurious to health. Many people are ignorantly sacrificing their life at the cost of consumption of these foods. They just avoid the life threatening effect of these toxic foods. We generally take everything so lightly until and unless it becomes incurable disease. One should always keep in mind that prevention is better than cure. Be careful while eating anything. But there is a myth among people that only fast foods and junk foods are harmful which is not so.

It is not always correct that whatever we obtain naturally from plants would be healthy only. It may happen that after eating the food that is supposed to be essential, you may become ill or even you have to wash your hand with your life and fall flat on the floor like Snow White. In case of Snow White it was her mother who poisoned the apple but in our case ignorance and lack of knowledge may poison the food and life too. Basic gelatine ingredients are very essential for making foods nowadays.

Some World’s Most Dangerous Foods

Humans are the only one among living creatures on this earth who ignores the vital survival instinct. We push ourselves to the boundaries of death by doing the activities like running competition in desert or building record of stopping breath under water. Some find testing these limits so exciting. But eating most bizarre or even dangerous food is not adventurous at all. Few of them can make us fiercely ill or even worse can be fatal. Here list of some of these mysterious delicacies which are extremely harmful.

  • Puffer fish- It is a type of fish which is extensively used in Japan while making ‘fugu fish’. But be careful while using this fish in making sushi because it is considered as the world’s second most poisonous vertebrate. Tetrodotoxin (a neurotoxin) is a type of toxin present particularly in the eyes, skin and internal organs of the fish which can cause paralysis, coma, numbness and finally death.
  • Bivalve Molluscs- Domoic acid which is an exotoxin, is produced by microscopic algae associated with all shellfishes. This toxin is soluble in water and cannot be removed even after boiling or steaming. Consumption of these shellfishes can result in numbness to face or paralysis and ultimately even death.
  • Castor Beans- Castor oil is very beneficial in deworming children. In fact everybody knows the benefits of castor oil but it will shock you that the beans of castor are horrendously dangerous. This deadly bean of castor contains toxic ricin which kills a person instantly even after single consumption of beans. It also causes severe headache, abdominal pain, vomiting and liver and kidney failure.
  • Cassava- It contains extremely toxic Cyanide which can kill a human within minutes when it comes in contact with blood. While cooking it, the leaves are minced with flour and should be kept in shades so that cyanides can break down after few hours. The mixture should be prepared in proper proportion otherwise it is enough to kill anyone. Consumption can lead to paralysis and finally death.
  • Mushrooms- Mushrooms are present in everyone’s kitchen as it has become the part and parcel of dining table. Everything that bright or sparkles in dark is not diamond which is also correct in the case of mushroom. It is matter of extreme astonishment that beautiful mushroom contains various types of toxin like Ibotenic acid, muscimol etc. Consumption of wild mushrooms can lead to severe lung disease. So one should use locally existing mushroom only.
  • Cashew Apple- Cashew is used in numerous types of sweets and desserts which enhance the presentation and flavour of the dessert. Cashew apple contains Vitamin C in very good amount which is used in making strong flavoured alcohol in many countries. But raw cashew apple contains Urushiol which is a type of toxic which results in skin allergies and rashes. The smoke coming out from the roasted cashew seeds while heating contains asthe toxin which lead to hazardous problems.
  • Green Almonds- It is said that eating proper amount of almonds everyday makes a person taller, stronger and sharper. But it must be heated properly before its consumption. Bitter almonds contain very poisonous toxin i.e. cyanide whose seeds release toxin if not heated properly. So be careful while eating almonds.
  • Rhubarb Leaves- Stalk of rhubarb is fit for consumption but leaves are very much poisonous because it contains oxalic acid and its proportion gets increased when leaves are treated with soda. Consumption of leaves can send a person to coma and lead to kidney disorders.
  • Chillies-Chilli contains toxic Capsaicin which is the reason of fiery sensation caused by eating chilli. Eating large amount of chilli may cause constipation, burning sensation in genital area and also gives radioactive burns.
  • Apple- Apple pips contain toxic amygdalin which is a type of toxin which results in confusion, anxiety and depression too.
  • Tomatoes- Leaves and stems of tomato contain atropine, tropane which is harmful for body. Raw fruit contains tomatine alkaloid which gets broken while cooking. Consumption of leaves can cause death. So choose only delicious & healthy seeds to eat.


Despite of foods which are mentioned above many more are there which are harmful too like green parts of potatoes, excessive of chocolate consumption. So, be careful and attentive while choosing your food. Eat healthy, be strong and stay healthy.

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