Gotham Steel Reviews – Comparing The Best Pans On The Market

Is the kitchen your favorite place in the house? Does cooking give you that beautiful and warm feeling of making something pleasant? If the answer is yes, then it is highly likely that you have your set of cookware set which you are using daily.

But what if I tell you that from time to time you should renew your set?

With so many choices available today, people tend to get confused. Luckily, I’m here to give you the best advice available. There are many Gotham steel reviews which claim different things, so I will do my best to clear the air, and choose the best ones.

Gotham Steel Reviews – Comparing The Best Pans On The Market

Does Gotham steel works?

What to look after when shopping?

Which material is used to make it?

Can it be used with the induction stove?

Can it be washed in the dishwasher?

How long will it last?

How much should I pay for Gotham Steel pan?

Is it a set, or just one item?

Popular Gotham Steel Products On The Market – My Reviews

Gotham Steel 10-Piece Cookware Set – Ten, But Not Ten

Gotham Steel Ultimate 15 Piece Set – Everything You Need

Gotham Steel Tastic Bundle 7 Set – Made To Fry

Gotham Steel 9.5 Inches Non-Stick Titanium Frying Pan – If One Is Enough

GOTHAM STEEL Ceramic Non-Stick Griddle 10.5″ – Square Is The New Round

Does Gotham Steel Works?

It is noticeable that cooking with the Gotham steel cookware is easier a bit, but cooking without any oil or butter is ill-advised. Also, the surface which will last forever no matter what you do is also a marketing trick.

On the other hand, you can wash it in the dish-washing machine, and it is safe to use it in the oven up to 500 degrees. The surface is resistant to scratching, but just for the safety, do not use metal utensils, no matter what the infomercial says.

The bottom line is that Gotham steel is a great deal, but you must take good care of them to last longer. Add oil, no matter what the commercials are saying, and do not undertake any extreme acts upon it.

What To Look After When Shopping?

These are the criteria which I’m considering as the most important to determine which Gotham Steel Pan is the best.

Which Material Is Used To Make It?

The first thing you notice about any product you buy is the quality of production. Since dishes are used in high temperatures, it is natural that metal makes the majority of materials used. Almost always, Gotham steel uses aluminum coated with a protective layer on the inside. This layer is made of a combination of ceramics and titanium so that the food will slide off, according to the manufacturer, and it will remain scratch-free.

The handles are sometimes made of heat-resistant plastic, and such cannot be used in the oven. On the other hand, Gotham steel dishes are sporting metal handles, which tend to get hot sometimes, so using oven mitts is advised for the first few times until you see how it heats.

Can It Be Used With The Induction Stove?

The induction stoves are such great things to have, didn’t they? Making breakfast in under three minutes (personal record) makes morning much better, and the day itself seems much easier. Not to mention the amount of electric power which is saved this way.

Unfortunately, since the aluminum is not the ferromagnetic type of metal, the dishes made of this material will not work on these cooktops. People tend to forget about this fact and end up with cookware they cannot use, or they need to switch to gas or electric stoves if they have those.

Can It Be Washed In The Dishwasher?

There are few things worse than cleaning a full set of plates and utensils left after dinner. This is why people have invented a dishwasher. Still, you should look after common mistakes which people are making, to prolong the lifespan of your cookware.

The damage done by the improper handling can be significant and is often irreversible, which leaves you with chipped glasses and plates with faded color.

How Long Will It Last?

As is said, you need to look after your dishes properly. No stunts and general care are guaranteed to prolong its lifespan. In other words, do not try to drive your SUV over a frying pan, there is no point in doing so.

Still, even with the best of care, every item on this list will end up being useless. The time which is needed for an item to become such determines the quality of it. That cookware which will last longer is better of course, but this tends to lift up the price a bit.

How Much Should I Pay For Gotham Steel Pan?

The factor of price is also important because there is no need to splash the cash on something you can pay less. Luckily, since the competition is high, the prices tend to be relatively low. Also, there is a matter of discount, which you should look after to exploit whenever possible.

On the other hand, if you find something worth buying, do not be shy to spend money. Cookware is not something you are buying every day, so saving a dollar or two might be pointless.

Is It A Set, Or Just One Item?

The matter is quite simple with this question and depends solely on your situation. In case that you need just one item to buy, you buy it, and that it is it. But, if several of the cookware items need to be replaced, then I would recommend buying a whole set. This has significant advantages when it comes to shopping.

First of all, you are buying the set which is made by the same manufacturer. Therefore all of them will be from the same assembly line. Second, you do not have to bother about buying the rest of the items needed, and often the price of the whole set is much lower than the prices of each one combined.

Popular Gotham Steel Products On The Market – My Reviews

With so many things and deals to choose from, here is my list top five which will give the winner at the end.

Gotham Steel 10-Piece Cookware Set – Ten, But Not Ten

The first thing you notice, if you are older than eleven is that this set is not ten-pieces. Surely, you get ten items in your package, but it is six pieces and four lids. It may seem as if I’m exaggerating, but this only looks so marketing-oriented from the manufacturer. In my world, 10-piece means ten dishes, not six plus lids, so this is a huge minus straight off the bat.

As for the material, it is made of aluminum coated with ceramics and titanium so that the heat will be distributed nicely. On the other hand, forget about the induction stove, it will not work. The handles on all of the pieces are made of metal, which is good because they can be used in the oven, and also there is less probability to become brittle and fragile after a while.

The matter of the length of which you will be able to use this set is highly dependable. Surely that the pans will be employed more often, but if you are careful with all of the dishes, they should last for a reasonable time. However, you should be carefree when it comes to being washed in a dishwasher; the surface is resistant enough.

Although being a whole set, the price is not high so that you can afford it without any problems.

  • The price is low
  • A full set
  • Metal handles
  • Can be washed in a dishwasher
  • Hard anodized aluminum structure for durability
  • Lifetime restricted Warranty
  • “Set of 10” is set of 6 plus lids
  • Cannot be used on the induction stove

Gotham Steel Ultimate 15 Piece Set – Everything You Need

Another set on my list, and again, the problem with numbers. Stated as “15-pieces set”, it is ten plus five lids. In this case, however, I don’t feel as much cheated, because you get the full set here, and whether that be ten or fifteen in the title, somewhat I still feel that this is one nicely done set.

As for the material, this is rather standard Gotham steel approach with aluminum, coated with a mix of ceramics and titanium, so the food will not stick to the surface as much. The interior is covered so that metal utensils can be used, but still, I would not do that. The lids are made of hardened glass, which can endure high temperatures, so even if you put it in the oven, it shouldn’t be a problem. Of all set, only the deep pan is compatible with the induction cooktop, and that is a lovely surprise. Also, you can wash it in a dishwasher with no fuss.

Due to a number of dishes you are getting, they should last quite long. My guess would be at least a couple of years until some of them are ready for replacement. Still, this is just an evaluation, and if you take care of it correctly, it should last even longer.

Because this is one big set, the price is high as a number. But, if you compare it to all the things you get for that money, it turns out that it is very cheap. Surely, this is an investment you are making from time to time, so there is no need to philistine about it.

  • Cheap
  • Deep fry pan is compatible with the induction stove
  • Safe for washing in the dishwasher
  • A full set
  • Scratch resistant
  • “Set of 15” is set of 10 plus five lids

Gotham Steel Tastic Bundle 7 Set – Made To Fry

The set of seven comes in a variety of pans and frying basket, so the targeting group is people who often rely on fried food. This is nicely made because the pans are somehow most often replaced pieces of cookware. Three pans with the lid and steamer, paired with frying basket are sure to fit your needs.

Again, the metal used is aluminum alloy, which is coated with scratch-free and non-stick mixture. The handles are made of metal, so it is safe to use it in the oven for whichever recipe you need them. Because of the material, you will not be able to use it on the induction cooktop.

Speaking of recipes, the manufacturer included a cookbook in this package, which is a nice touch but don’t expect masterpieces inside. Those are basic ones, but still, you can refresh your daily meals, or at least get an idea of what you can cook today. Also, the cookbook has an accent on Gotham steel’s advances, which uses less oil, so the food is healthier.

The lifespan of these pans is shorter than I have expected. After only a few weeks there was food sticking to the surface, despite the fact that Gotham steel brags with this fact; that you won’t need any oil, and the food will just slide off.

The price is high for such small set, and you should choose whether you will buy it or not. However, if you find it at a discount, then you can consider it.

  • Set of pans only
  • Cookbook is included
  • Metal hand bars
  • The price is high
  • Short lifespan
  • Food tends to stick after a few weeks of use

Gotham Steel 9.5 Inches Non-Stick Titanium Frying Pan – If One Is Enough

In case that you need only one item to complete your set, or to replace already worn-out Gotham steel pan, this is the product for you. Highly endorsed by the chef Daniel Green, this pan is average in most of the things.

The material which is used is aluminum enhanced with Ti-Cerama mixture (ceramic mixed with titanium) so that it is scratch-free and the ceramic part of the mix provides a non-sticking surface. Although handle made of metal is a good thing, I somewhat consider that in this case, it is a minus. It can and will get hot, so using oven mitts will be a necessity. It is dishwasher safe, and oven-friendly, although I cannot think of any recipe, you can prepare in this pan and the oven. Unfortunately, you cannot use it with the induction stove.

The lifespan is short, it took me about three weeks for the food to get stuck on the surface, so it is a minus. This pan is best used during camping and not very often, so it may last a bit longer.

The price is affordable, so if you need only one pan, and you don’t want to spend a lot of money, this is your choice.

  • Metal handle
  • Scratch-free
  • Metal hand bars
  • Dishwasher safe
  • After a few weeks, the food sticks to the surface

GOTHAM STEEL Ceramic Non-Stick Griddle 10.5″ – Square Is The New Round

Another “solo” item on this list, this pan stands out with its shape. It is square, so it is primarily used for grilled cheese sandwiches. The rectangular shape, however, does not influence the heat distribution so that it will heat up nicely.

It is made of aluminum, and coated to get the protection from scratches and so that the food will not stick. Due to its shape, this pan is safe for oven use, and the fact that the handle is made of metal only supports this claim. You can wash it in a dishwasher with no trouble.

The lifespan of the pan depends on what for you are using it. In case that you are frying a lot and often, it will not last long if you are not using oil or butter. On the other hand, if you are using it in the oven, it should last longer than a few weeks.

The price is fair, nothing spectacular so that you may consider it.

  • Square, convenient for grilled sandwiches
  • Scratch-resistant surface
  • Metal handle
  • Moderate price
  • If used for frying, it may not last very long

With all things taken into consideration, I think that Gotham Steel Ultimate 15 Piece Set is the best deal available. It has an excellent price, you have everything you need, and there is that one piece which can be used on the induction cooking top. Therefore I think that it beat the competition by far, and this should be your purchase, in case that you need it.

So, this is my review; I hope that you have found the solution you needed. I’d love to hear from you, so feel free to share your experience with Gotham steel pans and dishes in the comment section below.

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