Best Gotham Steel Pan Reviews That You Need

Want to know what pan you should be using? Should you try the Gotham Steel Pan? Find out here! Discover the pros and cons of the Top 5 Best Gotham Steel Pan and what they are capable of doing in the kitchen!

Want to get to know one of the top-rated branded pans out there? Gotham Steel Pans are definitely one of them!

Pans are the most known to be a chef’s best friend. After all, what is cooking without them? However, there are varieties of pans available in the market and sometimes, because of that, we don’t know which one to choose!

Specs range from different sizes, material, and even capabilities. This definitely makes the search a lot harder or complicated. Or as I thought?

On top of that high-quality brands have flooded the industry to compete. To mention are the Red Copper Pan brand, Copper Chef Pan and, of course, the Gotham Steel Pans!

This is your chance to get to know the products through our Gotham Steel Pan Reviews! Let’s start!

The Top 5 Best Gotham Steel Pans Summary

What You Should Know About Gotham Steel Pans

Gotham Steel Pans have been out and about for quite some time now and we have heard from a lot of people how it is considered as the new era of cooking. Let’s see what that is all about! So far, this brand has won the title as the “Newest Technology in Non-Stick Cookware”. I wonder why?

As claimed by the endorser, Chef Daniel Green, he says that these pans are non-stick. This is the ability to have anything on the pan slide off easily without it having to be stuck on it. Amazing, right? You don’t even need to put butter and oil anymore too!

Having food stuck on your pan, is one of the most frustrating moments in our lives when it comes to cooking. All that scraping and tough work!

It has also been claimed that these pans are pretty much scratch proof due to its material build. This is great, knowing we can’t worry about that one anymore. it’s guaranteed to be free from PTFE, PFOA, and PFOS, dishwasher safe and easy, and oven safe up to 500 degrees too!

Are Gotham Steel Pans safe to use?

I’m glad you asked! And the answer is… yes! Gotham Steel Pans are very safe.

In order to know whether the pan is safe, you should know the type of material it’s made out of together with the coating.

The Gotham Steel Pans are known to be made out of completely safe materials that do not consist of any hazardous chemicals, harmful and toxic components.

It’s made to be free from PFOA and PFOS.

And for a bonus, even when you heat it to its maximum temperature (500 degrees), this does not affect, increase the possibility or release any toxic components into the air or into your food.

Knowing the pan’s sturdy build and material, it definitely won’t increase the chances of grey marks or blacks on your food as it is somewhat scratchproof. Good thing that it’s dishwasher safe too.

Are their Non-Stick Coating Durable or Long-lasting?

First thing’s first, we need to make sure the coating actually lasts. Some things are meant to last only if taken care well enough.

If you really want your non-stick coating to last longer, you should definitely avoid these following objects when trying to clean or cook with Gotham Steel Pans:

  • Metal Utensils when trying to move your food or scrape it
  • Steel Wool for cleaning
  • Harsh chemicals for cleaning

In reality, nothing is ever indestructible or long-lasting. It really is a matter of how you take care of it. Even the strongest material has its own breaking point.

So if you want your non-stick coating to still go on, you have to start practicing some care methods for it by adding oil to it once in a while or so.

What makes it a non-stick cookware? The Science Behind the Scenes

Every now and then, people are wondering about what makes a non-stick the way it is. Making a non-stick surface is basically a fusion or the cause of compatible chemicals that make it so.

To make one a non-stick cookware, it has to be made out of a thin Teflon coating on your pan’s cooking surface. Another name for it is polytetrafluoroethylene. For short, it is called PTFE.

Now, because of this, it has triggered quite a lot of potential health concerns which later then was replaced with another kind of material to make it non-stick.

This material is another from the fluoropolymer kind. The Gotham Steel Pan is however claimed to be a hundred percent free from any PFOA and PFOS. Whatever material Gotham Steel Pans are using, they still manage to perform the incredibility of a non-stick cooking surface where you get that satisfying moment when your food does not stick at all and just slides softly down the plate!

A Bonus Video on How to Use the Gotham Steel Pan

Gotham Steel Pan Summary of Specifications

  • Type of Material – Ceramic, Stainless Steel, and Titanium
  • Type of Coating – It is free of PTFE, PFOA, and PFOS
  • Safe for Dishwasher – Yes
  • Safe for Oven – Yes
  • Heat Resistance – Goes up to 500 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • What it is Good For – Cooking Flaky Salmon, Grilling Steaks or Patties and any Flambé Recipes
  • Endorsed by –  Chef Daniel Green
  • Price Range – $$$
  • Writer’s Personal Rating – 4 star

The Top 5 Best Gotham Steel Pan Reviews and Ratings

1. Gotham Steel 10-Piece Nonstick Frying Pan and Cookware Set – Graphite

During the first parts of the article, you have read everything you need to know about the Gotham Steel Pans: how it is non-stick, what it is about, are they safe or not, are their durable or long-lasting, or how they are able to keep up with us in the kitchen. Now that’s done, let us go on and check out their top 5 best products and see their pros and cons!​

  • Has a non-stick coating which helps cooking become much easier
  • The pans are much lighter compared to the average pan
  • It is guaranteed to be 100% safe and free from PFOA, PTFE, and PFOS
  • It is a complete kitchen set for all sorts of recipes whether it’d be soups, grills, fries and much more
  • Claimed to be scratchproof as well as dishwasher safe to make sure your pan’s image stays the same
  • Some people say that the product starts out very well but does not intend to last very long
  • People who bought this also mentioned that its non-stick coating may wear off if you do not take care of it well.

2. Gotham Steel 9950 Non-Stick Titanium Frying Pan, 12.5″, Brown

  • Has a non-stick coating that allows you to easily clean with just a wipe or minor cleaning products
  • Weighs lesser than the average pan for its simple yet strong build
  • Big enough to cook for family sized or party sized servings
  • Made out of titanium and ceramic which ensures maximal durability which allows multi-fictional and all around usage
  • You are able to grill, fry and even boil certain recipes in this one Gotham Steel Pan!
  • Buyers mention that this pan does not sit firmly or sit flat on your stove top
  • A user states that as this pan is heated it, it intends to spin around the stove top

3. Gotham Steel Titanium Ceramic 9.5″ Non-Stick Copper Deep Square Frying & Cooking Pan With Lid, Frying Basket, Steamer Tray, 4 Piece Set – Graphite

  • The product consists an induction base to help hold it to place or to its right position
  • It is dishwasher safe for easy washing or cleaning
  • It is guaranteed to be 100% safe from PFOA, PTFE, and PFOS
  • The whole set includes a deep square pan, lid, fry basket and even a steam rack for a much adventurous cooking experience
  • You are able to place it in the oven as it is safe up to 500 degrees
  • Without proper care, the product won’t intend to last longer and will end up prone to scratches
  • Its non-stick coating won’t last when scrubbing with metal wires

4. Gotham Steel Tastic Bundle 7 Piece Cookware Set Titanium Ceramic Pan, Copper

  • It has a complete set of one deep square pan, one tempered glass lid, one steamer tray and one frying basket for cooking various types of recipes
  • Goes with a useful recipe book that contains recipes that can be made with the pans itself
  • It is guaranteed 100% safe from PFOS, PTFE, and PFOA
  • It is dishwasher safe for easy and faster cleaning
  • You are able to place it in an oven and it is safe up to 500 degrees
  • After being used for a very long time, it’s non-stick coating won’t be as non-stick as it was before
  • The set cannot be used on top a convection cooktop or induction cooktops

5. GOTHAM STEEL 9.5 inches Non-stick Titanium Frying Pan by Daniel Green

  • The product is a metal utensil safe Ti-Cerama, meaning it is ceramic reinforced with titanium
  • It can be placed in the oven and is safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Has a durable build and scratch proof material
  • It has a non-stick coating for your meal to slide off just easily
  • Its coating is said to be guaranteed 100% safe from PFOA, PTFE, PFOS
  • Unfortunately, the pan is not compatible with convection cooktops or induction cooktops
  • Its non-stick coating is said to not last longer than expected. Only with proper care and the right cleaning materials, it will last longer


Alright, folks! Allow me to summarize what I think about the Gotham Steel Pans. For me, I think they are really good pans. However, I dislike the fact that not all its products can be trusted due to some reports stated in Amazon by reviewers all over the world.

Some of its products may appear to you as a fake yet looks completely like the actual product itself. I suggest buying them from the original suppliers to guarantee your product’s safety and your money well spent.

So far, the product does what it says it would. Quite handy, lighter than expected, cooks just about almost any recipe and is durable enough to stay longer throughout the years.

However, its special features do intend to fade as time passes. But hey, this is normal. It happens to even the most expensive pans out there. Not a lot of it stays. It’s just reality.

If you really want it to last longer, again, you have to practice a few care tips so that your pans won’t eventually degrade its quality. To do this, avoid doing much harm to it and of course, harsh chemicals and cleaning tools.

Well, there you have it, guys! I hope to hear from you as well to what you think about the Gotham Steel Pans. If you liked this article, be sure to share it and like! Thank you.


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