Everything You Must Know About Exotic Oil – Olive Oil

There are various different kinds of oils available ranging in their health benefits and hailing from different origins. Here in this article, we’ll first understand the different kinds of exotic oils available in the market for use. The first type of exotic oil on the list is the Emu oil. This oil is procured from the fat of the Emu bird. The fatty acids contained in the oil resemble the ones contained in our skin, which makes the oil easily penetrable to the dermis of our skin. Hence, it can serve as a marvelous beauty product, being a great moisturizer and having its own benefits over the acne and wrinkle problems. Also this is anti-inflammatory in nature which adds to its list of medical benefits and thus can be used in concerns such as rashes, eczema and others.

Different types of Exotic oils

Argan oil is another type of exotic oil that is obtained in Morocco from Argan trees. This oil is rich in its Vitamin E contents and also possesses anti-oxidant properties. This has great benefits to the skin and hair and serves as a good moisturizer too. The product with its rich contents helps to keep your hair frizz free and adds adequate moisture to it, enabling a good amount of hydration.

Next is the Tamanu oil obtained from the Tamanu trees, and has its major benefits with its characteristic properties being anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory. It has great skin benefits and works well on rashes, burns, and acnes. It is suggested for babies who face problems of diaper rashes.

Next up the list is the Marula oil, procured from Marula trees. It is rich in politic acid contents which help to shield your skin against any damage. It is also anti-inflammatory in nature and contains essential ingredients that help in providing hydration to the skin and keeps it moisturized.

Baobab oil is another kind of the exotic oil that is obtained from Baobab tree and contains essential vitamins like Vitamin A, D, E and F, and contains fatty acids that fights ageing signs and adds a radiant glow to your skin. This is native to Southern and Eastern Africa.

Another type of exotic oil is the black currant oil that has its origins in the northern part of Europe. This type of oil is particularly significant in treating skin conditions such as that of eczema and psoriasis. What makes it so enriching is its special ingredients such as that of gamma linolenic acid which is a fatty acid that helps to cure skin problems and aggravate good healthy skin and hair with its supplements!

Maracuja oil is another one of this exquisite collection that is obtained from a passion fruit procured from Brazil. It is known for its characteristic anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing properties. Its ingredients include a vitamin C that yields the skin with a great glow and also hydrates the skin. One of the best things about this particular oil type is the fact that it is suitable for all different skin types and also helps in the regulation of oil production in the skin.

Monoi Tiki Tahiti is exotic oil that is obtained from a combination of tiare flower and a brink of coconut oil. It is highly moisturizing and is perfect to be used on the hair as a conditioner and also provides youthful nourishment to the skin. This exotic oil can be used for useful for bathing treatments, for rubbing it on rough patches of skin like elbows and knees, thus providing hydration and nourishment to both.

The next one is the rice bran oil obtained from the husks on brown rice. This is popular for its use in Asia for beauty treatments. Its ingredients include anti-oxidants that help in the reduction of free radicals from the skin. It also contains gamma oryzanol and vitamin E that yields anti-aging properties. It also provides fine moisturizing treatment owing to its squalene content that provides adequate hydration. This helps to get fine wrinkle free, radiant, soft glow skin.

Now coming to one of the most important exotic oils, and its benefits, here we talk about Olive oil

Olive oil is basically the fat procured from the olive tree, which grows around the Mediterranean basin, but is used all over the globe for its universal set of benefits. Olive oil finds itself useful for cooking, in the pharmaceuticals industry, cosmetics industry, soaps and many more. There are diverse varieties of olives found, of different flavor, texture and life that make each type conducive for a different industry, be it for direct consumption, or indirect consumption in terms of cooking. It certainly has a couple of industrial applications too where it can be engineered for animal feed or something else.


Olive oil is extremely beneficial and what make it so precious are its ingredients that add attributes to it. It is composed of a combination of triglyceride esters of oleic acid fused with palmitic acid and traces of other kinds of fatty acids, also including sterols and squalene. However, this composition is variable owing to variations in its prospective medium of growth and cultivation.


Coming to the uses of olive oil, it has a variety of applications. It benefits the skin in diverse number of ways. First and foremost, it moisturizes the skin. All that you need to do for this is opt for one spoon of olive oil and apply it on your skin after you have dried it post your shower, and then leave it on for about fifteen to twenty minutes. After that you can clean it off with little warm water, which should suffice to yield you great skin hydration. The fact that olive oil contains Vitamin E makes it so good for skin impacts. This is owing to the fact that vitamin E is skin protective in nature.

It also helps in the improvement of the health of the skin. All that you need to do is use it with one third cup of yoghurt, one fourth cup of honey and some two tea spoons of oil olive oil, which will bring some fine radiance back to your skin. This is good to be done once a week for great results.

This can also be used to remove make up, and can be done so by using cotton balls dipped in olive oil. This does not only help to remove the makeup but also softens the regions on application, thus yielding youthful radiant skin. It also has anti-aging properties.

Olive oil is good for the hair too. It keeps your hair healthy by providing sufficient amount of nourishment, again owing to its vitamin E contents. It also provides good nail health. All that you need to do is dip a cotton ball in olive oil and apply it over your nails, so that it improves their appearance to a great extent.

Olive oil has its potential culinary benefits too. It is the main cooking oil that is used for cooking around the Mediterranean region. It is most abundantly used for salad dressing, and is best served with cold food. It is a good idea not to subject it much to higher temperatures as that could interfere with its taste and tamper it. However, you could use refined olive oil for cooking food that is subjected to the requirement of deep frying. One important consideration often not paid much heed about is the freshness of the oil obtained. This differs from the region where it is produced to the variety of regions where it is used. After the first year of production, it does not smell as fresh and should not be used with cold food or salad dressing, but should only be meant for cooking.

This exotic oil has other potential health benefits that include controlling cholesterol. It contains minimum amounts of saturated and unsaturated fats that make it apt for cholesterol patients. Oil also benefits the gastrointestinal tract, thereby effectively working against constipation. The texture of the oil acts as a stimulant to the digestive system, thus making it the digested food move smoothly through the colon. It also helps in the removal of kidney stones. A few other potential uses of olive oil could be noted as its usage for dilution of ear wax, treatment of diabetes, and treatment of breast cancer.

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