How To Cook A Healthy Dinner With These Easy Recipes

Apart from being a beautiful concept, eating healthy is a way of life that all people (including you) must incorporate if you want to live longer and enhance your health for the long term. Healthy dinner recipes may be formal, with all the complicated chef culinary stuff, but that’s what makes it a piece of art – a form that you can love. In turn, the patience you have to pay before being able to eat a healthy meal is balanced with the excitement that you feel which makes things even. But hey, there are easy healthy dinner recipes that are not intricate enough and can actually be done by busy people.

Remember, it’s not just enough to be contented with getting a dinner ‘over and done with’ just to prevent hearing that zombie-like sound your tummies produce when you’re hungry. If you’re willing, preparation is the only thing needed to cook and create healthy dinners.

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The meals introduced here surely don’t involve microwavable instants and crusty pizzas, remind yourself we’re talking about “healthy” here. Don’t worry, these recipes won’t consume a huge amount of time in your schedule. Matter of fact, you can even make these not just for yourself but also for your family or friends. So behold these easy healthy dinner recipes designed for the hustlers.

One Sheet Pan Parmesan Crusted Salmon with Roasted Broccoli


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Even as modern people, a lot would still be surprised about the idea of cooking a recipe right on a sheet pan. But here it goes. Salmon and Broccoli could be the best dinner companion for a busy person like you. The idea might be new to you, but you’ll surely love this once you’ve tried!

Aside from looking good, you can’t deny this recipe really looks classy, the type of which that you can only see in five-star restaurants. What makes things more interesting is the idea that you don’t even have to worry about cleaning a bunch of casseroles and pans after preparing because all you need is a sheet tray and conveniently bake the recipe in an oven. A little add-on is a foil which you’ll use to line the baking sheet. By that, cleaning up is a piece of cake.

After trying this recipe, you’ll surely want it again! Who wouldn’t be fascinated by the golden crusted salmon embraced with breadcrumb and parmesan? With a little touch of herb flavors and lemon, you’ll have a delectable dinner as well as a healthy one. Not to mention the roasted broccolis that are humbly on the sides that significantly adds the healthy factor of the recipe.

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With all the delight that’s waiting, what’s left for you is to enjoy!

Cheesy Italian Tortellini in Slow Cooker


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You might put your hands up in ‘I surrender’ manner once you’ve read the ‘slow cooker’ in the recipe’s name. Well, you’ve read it right, you have to prepare this recipe in a slow cooker. The bright side is the recipe only takes 15 minutes to make! But there’s a trick behind, though.

Say hello to cheese, tortellini, mushrooms, marinara sauce, and of course, the two types of meat as the star of the dinner. Cheese alone is something that almost everybody loves, right? How much more if it’s filled with Tortellini?
Note that Italian sausages usually have two flavors available, spicy and mild. This recipe does not specify which type of sausage is appropriate as it’s entirely up to you. If you or your family wants something a little hotter for a cold evening, then it’s recommended to go for spicy. On the flip side, if you only want something more conventional to taste, then go for a mild flavor.

With a slow cooker and these seven simple ingredients that are always available in all groceries, you already have a delectable dinner. However, you need to put the seven ingredients together in the cooker on the low setting during the morning or afternoon. Let the cooker do its job for the entire day and by evening, you only have to stir in additional ingredients (see instructions) and wait for additional fifteen minutes, hence the trick. After which, you already have a hot and delicious dinner that’s ready to serve!

Sweet Potato Blast Recipe


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Want something fully loaded for dinner? Try this sweet potato blast recipe as compensation for not eating snacks during the afternoon, you deserve something that can truly fill your stomach during dinner.

There are a lot of reasons why you should love a sweet potato. Aside from having a vibrant color and being versatile, it is also full of nutrients that you could indulge with. For starters, sweet potatoes are rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin A. They are also bursting with fiber and come with a lot of benefits such as better digestion, better eye health, and immunity.

This dish highlights the flexibility of the main ingredient by making it as the ‘bowl’ itself where you stuff all the other edible ingredients into. As a result, you’ll get a full blast of flavorful and spicy beans along with optional garnishes and fillings, perfect for any dinner.

This recipe can be done in multiple ways with different ingredients, and it’s up to you to experiment. A sweet potato can act as a ‘blank canvas’ and is open to any modification that you might like. You can stuff other edible ingredients that suit your taste or let your guests formulate their own garnish that follows their preferences.
Take this dish as a good start for relishing the goodness of sweet potatoes.

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Gluten-Free Peppered Pasta and Italian Sausage


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Looking for something healthier in the next level? Then a gluten-free recipe is a nice choice. This 30-minute recipe is packed with healthy ingredients and authentic flavors that will surely give you a mouth-watering sensation.

Peppered pasta and Italian sausage is a gluten-free dish you can make using just a single pan. There are also vegetables and toppings like provolone cheese that puts a plus factor in the dish. You can also make minor changes to this recipe such as substituting provolone cheese with any cheese type that you like. Know that the cheese and shallots are the primary catalysts of producing taste with the help of the marinara sauce.

The process is typically simple; browning Italian sausages; simmering it with spices, pasta, chicken broth, a good marinara sauce and finally topping with a gorgeous provolone cheese or another cheese of your type. All of these could be done in just half an hour.

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Healthy, quick, and easy. What more could you ask for?

Chicken Milanese


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If the peppered pasta and Italian sausage amazed you with its quick 30-minute setup, this one only takes 20 minutes! So if you are in a hurry where every minute counts, this Chicken Milanese recipe might serve you well. Quick and lite, this recipe can serve two persons; making it ideal for candle-lit dinners with your special someone.

Nobody could resist crispy chicken breasts; also, nothing can beat meat into filling your empty stomach from a busy day. Moreover, a fresh salad compliments the dish that is composed of healthy food elements like tomatoes and arugula.

A tomato alone is a powerhouse of nutrients that offers lots of health benefits to anyone who consumes it. It is packed with lycopene that is proven to battle cancer and other known illnesses. Tomatoes are also good for the skin so it could help make you look fairer from the inside.

The Chicken Milanese may require more than a dozen ingredients but the 20-minute preparation and cooking is true. This recipe is initially designed for two people, but you are free to multiply the ingredients to feed a larger bunch like your crew or your ‘squad.’

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Hot Mocha Chocolate


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Well if you don’t feel like eating a whole meal, there’s a recipe for you. Hot mocha chocolate is perfect for those who just want to enjoy a cozy night with a warm drink for dinner. Note that this is actually a coffee recipe. Not exactly a form of dinner but this might suffice for some. Probably, no one hates chocolates particularly as a flavor for something that could keep you up all night.

Just when a chocolate flavor doesn’t seem enough, additional edibles may satisfy your cravings. For instance, pair it with your favorite biscuit and you’re good to go!

Hot mocha chocolate only requires three ingredients that are usually present in your kitchen so it is expected you can prepare this in just a few minutes; ideal for any hustler out there who have a busy night.


Chicken Burrito in Slow Cooker


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Another slow cooker recipe that possesses a Mexican touch, the Chicken Burrito in Slow Cooker is yet another remarkable dinner meal that you’ll surely be hooked up with; as you’ll probably want to have this over and over again.

The snazzy idea of mixing Mexican seasonings with soft chicken is just so irresistible than ordinary chicken meals. Another reason to love this recipe is you can just throw anything in the slow cooker (well, it’s always better to follow the instructions) and let it do its job for the entire day. And by the evening, you already have something hot to eat. Additionally, this recipe won’t spoil quite easily as you can freeze the leftovers and consume them for the next day’s lunch; just as delicious as last night!

This recipe uses instant brown rice: the secret behind a seamlessly cooked rice. Uncooked brown rice may not cook evenly when you use a slow cooker. Even after hours, some of the uncooked brown rice may already be too crunchy while some are still mushy. If you still didn’t know, instant rice is ‘partially cooked’ and is added to the mix for last 45 minutes or so. By that, you’ll have an ideally cooked brown rice in the rice cooker.

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There you go. Try one of these easy healthy dinner recipes and make your dinner count!