Which Cookware is The Best? Stainless Steel vs Hard Anodized

What would you prefer? Stainless Steel Cookware or Anodized? Let us find out the difference when it comes to the culinary world and we will help you choose the easy and convenient way!

It is unbelievable! It is just like a blink of an eye and we find ourselves amidst the new technologies that make our life easy. Gone are the days of complicated manual routines and hello to fast and convenient days. When it comes to the kitchen, technology is a life saver! Food as our need to survive, it is just right that we choose the best cookware that we can find. Let us choose between two giants. Stainless Steel versus anodized? Let us find out who our winner is.

Our Top 5 Best Hard Anodized Cookware Recommendations

Numerous technologies are developed which makes our life easier and more convenient. Science has completely the changed the perspective of life as compared to ancient time. Now distances and speed cannot be the barriers between two people. We have telephones which connect people who are living in geographically distant places.

At present individuals have facilities like fast moving bullet trains, aeroplanes which can cover a long distance in a fraction of the time. But these applications have affected our environment and consequently our health drastically. Mexican cooking is an example of modern type cooking.


Many appliances like oven, non-stick pressure cookers, and pans help in cooking process and as a result of which this task has become easier. These things enhance the look of one’s kitchen and make them look classy and elegant.

But choosing the perfect cookware is the matter of biggest dilemma because this work is not a cup of tea. There is some mind-boggling options are present in the market which may confuse anyone while purchasing cookware. Nowadays most of the people prefer to purchase either a hard anodized cookware or a stainless steel one.

What is the Best Stainless Steel Type for Cookware?

It is common knowledge that stainless steel is an alloy of iron and consists of at least 10.5% of Chromium and Chromium is responsible for preventing corrosion on the surface. The more Chromium, the more corrosion resistant. Its composition is a combination of manganese, carbon, and silicon.

There are five types of Stainless Steels namely:

  • Ferritic
  • Austenitic
  • Martensitic
  • Duplex
  • Precipitation Hardening

I am not going to discuss each one of them but Austenitic is the best type for making cookware. Austenitic type contains nickel and is non-magnetic. Nickel is responsible for stabilizing the metal to make it highly resistant to corrosion. Corrosion resistant is an essential factor in cooking.

So basically when we are into stainless steel cookware, we have this certain type of food grade 304, 18/8 and 18/10. This is the codes you would see in the information when buying, it interprets the composition of the stainless steel. The 18 stands for the chromium and the 8 and 10 stands for the amount of nickel present. No need to explain further, this “grade” determines the durability, quality and temperature resistance of the cookware.

Therefore 18/10 is the best composition for stainless steel cookware, and displays the highest quality!

Is Stainless Steel Safe?

Stainless steel material is one of the most popular found in our kitchen today. You can find it everywhere! Appliances, utensils, cookware, dishware and flatware because it is long lasting, best in sanitation and corrosion resistant. No chemical can penetrate in food from these products so it is the safest option to use in the kitchen.

How is Stainless Steel Cookware Made?

After knowing what stainless steel is in terms of cookware area, I am a bit interested in knowing how it is made. I found this video that exactly meets and satisfied my curiosity. I am sharing this with you. Enjoy!

Above stainless steel, information is enough to open your eyes when it comes to stainless steel cookware. When you find yourself looking at it in the store, it does not seem to be a lot of mystery anymore, is it?

How Stainless Steel And Hard Anodized Cookware Are Manufactured?

Choosing good cookware seems to be a very daunting task because there are various types of cookware available in the market. Some are good for health by not producing toxic while some can cope up wear and tear of daily life. Stainless steel and aluminum are the two most preferred utensil materials. These two materials are widely used in kitchen stuff all over the world.

Our Top 5 Best Stainless steel Cookware Set Recommendations

  • Heat Conductivity– Look for a cookware set that has aluminum or copper middle, for best and even heat distribution. Usually, you will find it at the bottom base and side walls. You can even look for a set that has both at the bottom base.
  • Durability– Look for the Stainless Steel Composition Code 18/10. 18/10 is the best quality type and will last a very long time. Appearance should be shiny!
  • Choose the set that has the components that you will use often. Common kitchen needs are sauté pan, saucepan and stock pot. Needs vary so think of yours!
  • Be keen on sets that have robust handles and lids with knobs or handles for convenient removing when cooking. Lids and handles are very important in the process of cooking.
  • Look for add-ons! Sets commonly come with accessories like grooved spoons, measuring spoons or spatula and much more that are actually considered part of the set. Just making sure you are paying what is worth.
  • Price– it is common knowledge that stainless steel cookware prices soar high in the market. However, I tell you, the price is worth it. They say, the higher the price, the better is the quality. At least you need to be wise in choosing though, there are the same products in the display but differs in price. You need to compare supplier or store prices.
  • Feel in your hand – You’ve got to use your sense of touch. How does it feel in your hand? Is it heavy, or light? Do you think it will balance well on the stove top? Check all the parts, are they all fit and easy to hold? Is it cool to my touch?
  • Maintenance- Although stainless steel has a high reputation of being sturdy and long lasting, maintenance is also one of the reasons to make it always that way. Look for bolts and rivets, are they perfectly fit and sturdy? Ask the sales person if spare parts are easy to find in the market in case of replacement or do they carry lifetime warranties or the kind! 
  • Magnetic or non-magnetic? You should consider this especially if you own a magnetic and flat induction cooktop. So when shopping for the stainless steel cookware, try to test it with a magnet. Buy the kind that won’t stick. Usually, it is indicated in the manual if it is magnetic or not. By the way, if it sticks, that means it has least nickel composition in it or none at all. It is healthy but your cookware won’t last long! 
  • Ply Cookware- what model are you eyeing at? 3 ply?5 or 7 plies? To better understand this, ply is the number of layers of metals used in manufacturing the cookware. Often it applies in the bottom base of the cookware but there are models that do apply it to the sides or the whole body as well. Each ply has its own importance in the construction. The more number of ply metals, the more it can utilize the best properties each can offer, the thicker the cookware, and of course, the much costly it is. Which is your need?

For additional tips, here is to teach you on how to clean your stainless steel cookware. You are buying one right? Watch this and think about it.

Stainless steel is an alloy which is the homogeneous mixture of metals like chromium, carbon, nickel, molybdenum and steel, etc. intermixed in appropriate proportions wherein aluminum is a pure highly reactive metal. Stainless steel is a heavy-duty, highly durable and versatile cookware option. It is resistant to dents and dings too. As aluminum is a metal, hence it is a very good conductor of heat which is helpful in preserving energy. Pure aluminum is highly active metal and can react with any alkaline or acidic food stuff very fast.

As a result of which it leaches into the food and makes it toxic which is harmful to a body after consumption. This is the reason aluminum has lost its place from the favorite lists of chefs and house wives. Moreover, aluminum with some impurity is used for solving this problem.

View more Have a Look at Some of The Best Stainless Steel Cookware For Enriching Cooking Experience!

We are finally done focusing on stainless steel cookware so it is about time to switch to anodized aluminum. Let us see what we can find all about it.

What is Hard Anodized Cookware?

Anodized Aluminum have undergone the process of anodization. In this process, chemical baths are used so that aluminum surface will gain electrical charge will rise the thickness of the oxide layer rigid, durable, and less corrosive.

Is Hard Anodized Cookware Safe to Use?

Hard Anodized Aluminum are less reactive so it is safe to use as long as you won’t damage the surface. Of course, it is just a precaution just in case since the surface is hard and almost impossible to damage. From the manufacturer’s point of view, anodization seals the aluminum perfectly well that the metal cannot contaminate food. Anodized aluminum cookware does not react to acidic food, non-stick, scratch-free and cleaning friendly.

How is Hard Anodized Cookware Made or Manufactured?

Let us see how this cookware is made. It is good to know before buying it, right? Here is a video showing us how to manufacture such cookware!

Did you have fun watching the video? Are you ready to check out the Best Hard-Anodized Cookware in the market? These top 5 models that I have prepared for you are carefully selected from the highest positive reviews and feedbacks from customers and distributors worldwide. Whichever you decide, there is nothing to lose since all of it are just the best!

The Top 5 Best Hard Anodized Cookware

Difference Between Stainless Steel Cookware And Anodized Cookware?

Stainless Steel Hard Anodized
Durability Lasts for a long time, scratch-free though may leave some discoloration when used in very high temperature. Last, for a very long time, do not use metal utensils since it will leave scratch marks.
Heat Conductivity & non-stick coating Does not come with non-stick coating. Mostly, it has copper or aluminum coating at the bottom to increase heating capability. Very good conductive of heat so food is evenly cooked and no hot spots. Cooking is easy since it comes with the non-stick coat.
Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Need to use metal scrubbers
  • not dishwasher safe
  • easy to manually wash due to the non-stick coating
  • use sponge cleaners
Value Expensive Cheaper
Availability Both types are vastly sold everywhere in the market.

Advantages of Stainless Steel Cookware and Anodized Cookware

Stainless Steel Hard Anodized
  • Tough and durable, would last a long time
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Time Saver
  • Completely Safe
  • Smooth and shines, less cleaning
  • Versatile
  • Cost effective, worth the value
  • Attractive appearance
  • Non-reactive to acid and basic food
  • Excellent heat conductor
  • Lower price
  • Non-toxic non-stick, less or no oil used
  • High cooking performance, even cooking
  • Easy to clean, no food remnants

Disadvantages of Stainless Steel Cookware and Anodized Cookware

Stainless Steel Hard Anodized
  • Easy to move, lightweight
  • Expensive
  • Not a good heat conductor
  • Does not cook evenly
  • Reactive to acid and basic food
  • Not safe to use high heat
  • Manual washing
  • Not compatible with induction cooktops

Things to avoid while purchasing

  • One should buy a cookware having no coating of aluminum or copper at its bottom.
  • Vessels having no coating of non-stick and made of aluminum must be avoided.
  • If we purchase a good quality cookware of good brand, then it must be expensive. Cheap utensils may flake off over time. So do not play with your health by being a miser. Always purchase the vessels of good quality and a good brand.


Everything in this world has benefits and drawbacks so as the stainless steel and anodized aluminum cookware. Before purchasing utensils ponder about all the pros and cons of material. Hence one should buy cookware after seeing all the aspects. Once buy cookware each of the type and decides you which one is better and suits you.

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