The Best Oven Mitts Buyer’s Guide

Having hand burns is not a joke. Are you looking for mitts to keep you from an accident? You are on the right page! We are featuring the best oven mitts you can find in the market. Let’s check this out!

It is fun to bake! For all of you who love to bake, I am pretty sure you have a collection of aprons and of course, mitts. It is our intention that nothing should be able to spoil a perfect baking experience. That is why safety comes first.

So true that we made this article to make it easier for you to choose the best mitt in the market. Here is a buying guide that you can use and a variety of best choices for you to choose from. Before you buy, try to check out and find out the advantages you can get from our carefully selected items.

Shall we begin?

What are oven mitts?

Oven mitts are one of the safety gadgets that you need to use when cooking or baking. They are described to be comfy kitchen gear that you need to wear to protect your hands (like a glove.) Ever wonder about the difference between gloves and mitts? Gloves have fingers and the mitts don’t.

What is the Importance of Mitts?

You use mitts to protect your hands from heat when taking out the hot baking dish from the oven. You can also use them to handle hot pans and pots on the stove top. Its main purpose is to prevent you from the danger of getting burned. There are mitts that cover your hand to the wrist but there are also kinds that reach until your forearms.

Wasting a good meal because of a nasty accident is a waste of money, time and effort. Whether you are a MasterChef, expert baker or a mother who cooks for the family, the arms and hands are important to be able to do the job. It does not matter if we cook a lot or not but mitts are important. Let us ensure that it is always safe!

To make things clearer, here is a video that explains the benefits of using oven mitts.

What are other uses of mitts?

As mentioned, mitts are used to protect your hands in baking and cooking from getting burned when touching hot pans and pots.

However, it can also be used for the following:

  • Mitts protect your hands from burns when you need to touch hot surfaces at home or at work like changing light bulbs.
  • Protect your hands from getting burned when exposed to heat or flames like during camping bonfires or BBQ parties.
  • For a more innovative thinking, you can use it as a substitute for coasters. Longer mitts can be used like a table runner to protect the surface of the table from heat.
  • Put a mitt over your hot coffee. Mitts are insulated so it can keep your coffee warm a lot longer.
  • Mitts can even be practical to be used in the garden. Try pruning thorny plants like roses and use your mitts. No more pricks!

How do we know it’s the best?

The products that we are featuring is the top best among the market. They were all carefully selected according to the highest positive customer reviews online, feedbacks from actual users and recommendations from distributors in the market. All important factors have been considered upon selection.

What are the features that we need to know before buying mitts?

If you are planning to buy oven mitts, there are many important factors that you need to consider. In providing you this buyer’s guide, below are the essentials you need to know to help you with your purchase.

  • Quality and Kind of Material– be mindful when choosing your mitts. The material used plays a big role in the effectivity of the product. Most common materials used for manufacturing oven mitts are cotton and silicone. Some products opt for high-tech synthetic materials that are known to be strong fiber like Kevlar.
  • Cotton– are typically used as an inner lining of the mitts. It gives soft comfort to the hands of the user. Using cotton for the mitt’s outer layer is not a good idea. Cotton is not highly resistant to heat.

It is good to test and try on the mitts before buying and feel the comfort it offers inside. It is good to work in the kitchen when your mitts are cozy.

  • There are different types of silicone according to its quality. Try to ask the seller on its silicone type upon purchase. The best the quality, the greatest the protection.

  • If you are that kind who want the perfect security, try to look for this kind of material. However, it could be expensive as well.
  • Size and Shape– using a mitt that does not fit right could be troublesome. An ideal one must fit your hand size and must cover your wrist and a part of your forearm for protection. The shape of the mitts is such that the thumb is separated from the four fingers. With this, your hand can grip easily and stronger within the comfort of your mitts.

You can also find shapes that are like gloves so that you can move your fingers more freely. Whatever you think serves you best, pick your choice. It is also best to measure your hand first so that you can buy the mitts that perfectly fit.

  • Multipurpose and Easy to Clean– Working in the kitchen could be messy and tough. So we need to be careful in choosing the right mitts. So it is essential that they do not require high maintenance.

Check for this concerns:

  • Pick the brand that you can easily clean. Silicone is good. You can just wipe the dirt off.
  • Pick the brand that you can easily clean. Silico• Do not choose products that have designs that easily trap dirt.e is good. You can just wipe the dirt off.
  • Choose the durable ones that do not easily be torn. You don’t want to be mending mitts all the time, right?
  • Appearance/Design- of course, it is good to use mitts that is your liking. It is fun to bake or cook using your mitt that has your favorite color and one that is quilted in the inside for soft feeling in your hands. Beautiful mitts always make a nice decoration for the kitchen. Mostly, they are left hanging where it is easy to be seen and get. Whatever design you prefer, make sure you will enjoy using it.
  • Price- is important when buying but you should not limit yourself to it. I always believe that the price is always worth the quality of the product. The higher the quality of your mitts, the more efficient it is for use. Quality is more important than price.

Be careful though that what you are buying is worth the price. Try to compare from one seller to the other.

1. Black Silicon Oven Mitts

Surely using this black silicone oven mitts gives a soft feel to your hands especially that it has a comfortable cotton quilt as its inner lining. It is easily moveable and is safe for you and the family to use. The lifted pattern design allows you to have a strong grip to what you are holding. Its silicone outer layer is waterproof so do not worry about being burned due to hot water and steam.

The long length of the mitts is a great advantage to protect your hands up to the arms. Now, you can do the basting of the barbecue during outdoor parties without fear. It easily fits for both men and women’s hands too!

2. Extra Long Professional Silicone Oven Mitt

Baking using this mitt is best for protecting hands when holding hot plates and dishware. The heavy-duty heat-resistant silicone is very effective when you are doing grilling or baking. It has a textured and non-slip design that is flexible, breathable and with an improved control and stability made possible by its non-skid, textured palm.

This 14″ long mitt has a soft quilted liner. On top of that, the waterproof and non-toxic silicone prevents steam scalds while using the stove top or draining boiling pasta. It has a rugged texture of the exterior parts that gives the user outstanding gripping power to enable grasping.

For cleaning concerns, this mitt can be washed using the washing machine or dishwasher. To make it easier, just wipe the dirt off from it.

3. “Ove” Glove Hot Surface Handler

This product is a comfortable, five-fingered flexi grip mitt. The outer layer is made of a special kind of heat and flame material and the inner lining is made up of soft double-knit cotton. Just toss it in the washing machine when needed a wash so no worries on its cleaning.

The tough outer part of this mitt creates a thermal isolation barrier, slowing the temperature increase in the interior part. When you expose it to open flame, the mitt does not catch fire and does not melt.

4. Fred Bear Hands Oven Mitt

For all the young at heart out there who loves to cook, this is the mitt designed for you. Working in the kitchen is a lot more fun with this bear hands to help you. Made from insulated cotton, the paw pads are constructed from heat resistant silicone to make you handle the hot pot easily.

To make it comfy for kids to use, these mitts are sold in medium size just enough for small hands to fit. The material is microfiber so there will be no trouble for you to wash it when it gets dirty.

5. Chefaith Silicone Kitchen gloves

Everyone says this product is so different! It has a unique fabric-lining design that gives you an extra ease and flexibility. On top of it, it allows you to hold hot surface objects much longer than the usual. So, you really do not need to fret out being burned in a short time.

Chefaith gloves are made to be multipurpose, it is so easy to put on and take off since it is non-clingy type. Use it for your grilling, baking, cooking and even for cleaning. If you are worried about washing, these gloves have a non-stick, spotless and odor-resistant features that give you the assurance that you will not have a hard time washing. But then, why not toss it in the dishwasher?

Yeah, you can definitely do! And say what, a silicone pot holder goes with each pack. It will protect the surface of your table. It is a nice combo of elegant color and classic outlook, isn’t it? A good idea for a gift to your special loved ones.

These products that follow are highly recommended and likewise competitive. Needless to say, they are also worth the attention and may also favor your favorable selection.

Kedsum Oven Mitts

Kedsum oven mitts have an outer layer made of silicone that is heat resistant up to 450 degrees F and waterproof. It surely is multi-functional and is so easy to clean. You can use a damp cloth to take care of the dirt. The honeycomb texture (rugged textured exterior) is a non-slip design that promotes strong and firm grip.

This 13’ long mitt has a soft quilted liner for softer inside and a heat protection up to your forearm. As an addition, its lovely patterns and hook features is a nice collection that can easily be put away or hang in your kitchen.

Nouvelle Legende flame Oven Mitts

Nouvelle Legende Flame Retardant oven mitts have oversized sleeves for the purpose of covering your forearm for added protection against heat. It is a protection from hot oven doors, sides and grates that are common causes of burns while in the kitchen. It is made out of 100% quilted cotton and is 17” in length.

The main function of this mitt is to flame out with its fire-retardant treatment (to resist flames), preventing dangerous situations. It is heat resistant up to 500 degrees F.

Cuisinart Oven Mitt

Cuisinart is a prominent brand in the kitchen. With their featured non-slip heatproof and waterproof silicone rubber grip-textured design mitt, they have excelled in providing safety while cooking. The material used for the outer layer is a premium quality thick cotton that is heat resistant up to 500 degrees F. With this, it is very effective and safe to handle hot surface items.

The outer silicone layer is made of 100% FDA approved and BPA free. It also features silver round hanging hooks for easy storage.

Aicok Oven Gloves

Burning your hands is not only painful but puts you into complete discomfort and inconvenience in the kitchen. Aicok kitchen oven mitts have a better resistant temperature performance up to 464 degrees F. The material is made out of the latest nanotechnology silicone and the mitt length is 10.4 “for better movement and flexibility. The inner layer is made from 100% quilted cotton.

Homwe Extra Long Oven Mitts

Homwe extra-long professional oven mitt is also made of textured non-slip grip (non-skid textured palm) silicone material. This type of silicon is heavy-duty and heat resistant. It is flexible, breathable and provides an improved control and stability. The mitt has an improved wide opening design to fit men with big forearms.

It offers protection up to 450 degrees F. The quilted cotton inner lining offers a highly improved comfort while you’re doing the grilling or baking. With its outstanding quality performance, it’s known for BPA free silicone and FDA approved.

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