5 Best Masticating Juicer Reviews No Matter Your Budget

People would always want to get the highest nutrients from the food they eat. A healthier lifestyle is possible if one consistently consumes his daily dosage of vitamins and other nutrients from fruits and vegetables. If you want to maximize the nutrient concentration you get from a particular food; a juicer is an ideal medium for that. Having the best masticating juicer will surely complete the task.

Top 5 Best Masticating Juicer

Extracting Nutrients

There are two ways to acquire a food’s nutrients. The first one is by chewing. Secondly, you can ‘extract’ the juices from almost all kinds of fruits and vegetables and take them in by drinking, as oppose to eating the food first before extracting its juices.

Juicing is the perfect term for the second approach, and the first requirement for this method of obtaining the highest concentration of nutrients from food is to own a juicer.

A masticating juicer goes by many names such as cold press juicer, slow juicer, and single gear juicer. All are interchangeable terms, and they all point to being able to get the highest yield of juice leaving the food ‘dehydrated’ after juicing. The way the masticating juicer works is quite simple in principle. The food is cut into smaller pieces and is inserted into the mouth with a small opening; then the auger will grind or chew the feed. Next, the smaller bits will then be pressed to squeeze the liquid out of the feed to produce two products. The desired product is the juice extract and the other one; the pulp which is squeezed dry.

Cold pressed juices used for body cleansing or detoxing are products by the cold pressed juicers. People are fond of cold pressed juices as they have higher concentrations of fibers, enzymes, etc. making it more nutrition-packed and tastier. A cold pressed juice retains its nutrients as virtually undamaged similar to the food’s original nutrition content.

Centrifugal Juicer vs. Masticating Juicer

Now, we’ll compare masticating juicers against the centrifugal juicer (another type of food processor) and see if the former is more efficient than the latter.

A centrifugal juicer is the most basic type and is commonly found in any shop. It is way cheaper than a masticating juicer. Also, a centrifugal juicer is good if you prefer fast juicing as the motors run at high speeds ranging from 3500 to 1400 revolutions per minute (or RPM). Masticating juicer gets its alternative name as slow juicer as it runs at a slower speed of 80 RPM (at average).

A centrifugal juicer uses a metal blade that rotates fast in a circular motion to effectively chop the fruit or vegetable. The mesh filter separates the juice from the pulp with the help of the centrifugal force, and so the fluid will flow outside. One thing to notice is that the liquid extract could come out foamy; it’s because the machine is susceptible to air that speeds up oxidation and this means the nutrients and vitamins have gradually broken down. If you’re looking for juice to cleanse your body, a centrifugal juicer may not be the best choice because it produces heat that can dissolve nutrients.

But with a masticating juicer, you won’t have any worries. Though it operates at a slower speed, it emits less noise, unlike the noisy juicer. The auger or the single gear crushes or grinds the fruit or any vegetable through the slow rotation. As it crushes the feed into a pulp, cell walls are broken down, and it is said that the juice flowing out have more nutrients than centrifugal juicers. The juice flows out from the mesh filter. The high nutrition yield is exceptional, but note that there would be little to no foam forming as the air can’t directly penetrate inside the machine. Oxidation happens once the juice is already outside, so it’s best to drink it immediately or refrigerate if you want to consume it later.

How to Choose The Best Masticating Juicer

Given the price being high, there are other factors to determine what would be the best cold press juicer that you should buy.

1. Design

Under masticating juicers, there’s a sub-category to choose from – horizontal or vertical (upright) juicers. For horizontal type, versatility is ensured. Anything can be inserted into its mouth, and the juice will flow out, the other would be the dehydrated mush. It’s not only a juicer, but it can also be used as a coffee grinder, pasta maker, food processor, etc.

As for the upright type of masticating juicers, they’re valued for their convenience as they can be placed on any kitchen countertop. The vertical design minimizes the space it occupies, making the juicer more compact in similar small places. It also has a juice cap feature that allows you to mix juices inside so that the product would be different. It is also famous for its self-cleaning feature.

2. Ease of Use

Putting it simply, a masticating juicer depending on the model can have a single auger (or gear) or have twin augers. As for the single auger, it functions exactly similar with the processes we’ve stated above for masticating juicers. The other one (the twin augers) is a bit different. Having two gears side by side, the feed is crushed faster because the gears have smaller diameters than single gear. This means that the rotation is also faster. The gap between the gears is as small as 0.1 mm. The juice extracted is of higher quality than the single gear as it employs far-infrared waves and magnetic fields. The pulp is seemingly more dehydrated than a single auger.

3. Price

Masticating juicers are quite pricey, but they are more cost-efficient in the long run. The right product could serve you for years. Also, it’s a fact that most of the expensive products last longer and don’t easily break. “You get what you pay for.”

4. Material

Depending on how often you use the juicer, the material is the next thing you should consider. If you intend to use it daily, the juicer you buy should have metallic parts. But if you’re planning for occasional juicing, a juicer with sturdy plastic components wouldn’t be a problem.

5. Brand & Warranty

When checking out the best masticating juicers, first check if it’s a trusted brand. Trusted brands have several reviews, and you can make sure that the juicer you’re planning to buy works for you and what are the quirks in it. In fact, the brands offer long time warranties that are different for each model, but they average around 10-15 years. The warranty is very long enough and beneficial when your machine suddenly halts for unknown reasons.

Best Masticating Juicers Reviews

The juicers listed below are currently the best juice extractors that stand out for their advantages and features that are valuable for its users.

1. Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer

Omega is a renowned brand and is one of the top manufacturers for juice extractors. The model J8006 proves to be a power juicer because of its motor that runs at a slow speed of 80 RPM. Its power is shown to be 1491W. Due to this, foaming or clogging in your juicer wouldn’t pose a problem for the desired product. The juice will surely come out to be full of enzymes and nutrients and should be efficiently consumed within three days so the nutrients wouldn’t oxidize.

The juicer being a horizontal type is expected to be versatile, and you can use it for grinding coffee beans, making baby food, peanut butter, mince herbs, and much more. The auger is made of sturdy plastic calling it GE Ultem auger. The material far exceeds other materials used to make the auger.

The juicer should be cleaned up after every use so that the auger wouldn’t be exceptionally hard to clean. This becomes difficult to clean once the pulp sticks to the parts of the juicer. Another thing is that the juicer isn’t as quiet as other juicers, and this could be a problem for some customers. But one thing to be glad of is the fifteen-year warranty.

2. Breville JE98XL Juice Extractor

Another trusted brand to be listed here is the Breville. Breville has been in the business for a long time, manufacturing top juicers for everyone to use, from centrifugal juicers to masticating juicers. As for the model JE98XL, the speed it runs is exceptional. There are two-speed options to choose from: the 6500 RPM or the 12000 RPM. Both run for 850W. The usage between the two speeds is simply between soft and hard ingredients, respectively.

The juicer has a wide feeder chute at 3 inches that you no longer have to chop the fruit or vegetable into tiny pieces to suit the mouth for other juice extractors.

(Specification such as speed is too high for masticating juicers)

3. Breville BJE200XL Compact Juice Fountain 700-Watt Juice Extractor

Breville’s still powerful, BJE200XL Compact Juice Fountain may not be the tiniest piece of kit for your kitchen but it is still one of the smaller juicers of this high quality.

Primarily plastic it is light and easy to move. The filter basket is stainless steel micromesh. All the parts are durable and stand the tests of cleaning and most importantly juicing. It can definitely b considered as a best masticating juicer

This Compact Juice Fountain only has a simple ON/OFF switch but still does a very good job processing fruit and vegetables like the harder variety – carrots, apples, carrots, beetroots – and the softer berries, citrus and greens. The instruction manual is very helpful getting the most out of this device.

Cleaning it is not difficult with the cleaning brush that is designed to scrub out the pulp and scrape the filter basket.

4. Omega J8004 Nutrition Center Commercial Masticating Juicer

As a masticating juicer – also called a slow speed juicer – the Omega J8004 is effectively an all-in-one nutrition center – hence its name. With all its advanced technology, power and torque this Omega device is capable of mincing, pureeing, grinding emulsifying as well as juicing extremely efficiently.

It is able to operate at speeds as low as of 80RPM thanks to the use of a strong plastic auger which grinds anything it comes in contact with until the juice is totally extracted. This juicer is also capable of removing and foam or froth, which prevents enzyme oxidization and vitamins and nutrients being destroyed.

In other words the Omega J8004 quite simply makes tastier, healthier juice.

5. Philips HR1897/34 Micro Masticating Juicer

Last on our list is the masticating juicer from Philips. From the official product description, this masticating juicer promises 90% of juice extracted from the fruit. This is achievable because of its very own MicroMasticating Technology that can squeeze the fruit to its fullest and withdraw the liquid effectively. The juicer grinds fruits and vegetable at a power of 200W.

Philips Masticating Juicer has a feature of pre-clean function wherein the last drops of an extracted fruit will be withdrawn as you clean the product at the same time. When it comes to cleaning up, this juicer is very OK as you only need tap water, and there are no hard parts that are difficult to detach. The LED function of the masticating juicer is also advantageous to know if the juicer is ready to use again after you reassemble it. You will know the juicer’s safe again to use as it warns you if there are missing parts.


Now that you know the best masticating juicer, it is now time to witness it in action by having one. Fruit juices are always ideal for healthier living, and it’s attainable through cold press juicers. Happy extracting!

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