What is the Best Kitchen Footwear & Shoes for Work and Home?

Falls and slips are just some of the many possible incidents that you may encounter if you often do a lot of tasks in the kitchen. It does not matter whether you are working in a kitchen at home or in the foodservice industry. The fact that you are tasked to do something in the kitchen makes you prone to accidents that may lead to foot injuries.

Fortunately, you can minimize your risks and prevent such accidents from happening if you develop a well-rounded and effective foot protection program. Such program should start with your footwear. Each time you go to the kitchen and do some tasks in there, you need to give your feet the protection they need through the right shoe.

Here are just some of the best kitchen footwear for work and home today:

1. Dansko Women’s Professional Mule

I find Dansko Professional Mule for women so suitable for those who often work in a commercial or home kitchen as it provides unbeatable support and comfort the entire day.

One thing it takes pride in is that it is comfort-minded in the sense that it features a roomy and reinforced toe box. The added space and reinforcement in the shoe’s toe box is enough to offer protection.

The outsole, which is made of polyurethane material, also features a rocker bottom, which absorbs shock. Such outsole also propels your foot forward with ease. It boasts of its sturdy quality, particularly in the platform and heel.

There are so many good things about this footwear that the only complaint I often see is the difficulty in breaking it in.

2. Skechers for Work Soft Stride-Softie Lace-up and Slip-resistant Shoe

I can also say that you’ll feel more comfortable in the kitchen if you wear the Skechers for Work Soft Stride-Softie Lace-up and Slip-resistant Shoe. It is a leather shoe, making it suitable for the tough and demanding home and commercial kitchen.

It is slip-resistant, too, which means that even if the kitchen is slippery, wet, or full of moisture, you can still hold on to that hope that you are safe. It also boasts of its athletic cushion and excellent comfort.

In addition, it has a midsole, which is popular for being lightweight. That said, you can move freely without feeling like something is weighing you down. It has a breathable lining, too, which is enough to help your feet stay cool and dry.

The smooth leather used in the upper offers utmost comfort and flexibility. The outsole is also based on rubber, which can resist abrasion and capable of handling changing weather conditions.

One common complaint is the non-slip label attached to the tongue where the laces are tied is quite thick and bulky. Also, it only offers moderate arch support.

3. Crocs Unisex Bistro Clog

I have to say that the Crocs Unisex Bistro Clog is also one of the best kitchen footwear for either work or home. It is a classic clog, which features a heel strap. One of its most prominent features is the massaging footbed known to offer utmost comfort.

It also makes use of the fully-molded Croslite construction, which is beneficial as it maximizes the ability of the footwear to offer lightweight cushion and excellent durability.

The good thing about this unisex Bistro clog from Crocs is that it is made primarily for those who often work in the kitchen, especially workers in the foodservice industry. It even comes with a lock tread that meets standards in terms of slip-resistance.

It has a high level of traction, features an enclosed design, and comes with a thick metatarsal area, which makes it really protective, especially when you are exposed to kitchen spills. It is also good for you if you work for most hours of the day in the kitchen.

One possible downside in this footwear, though, is that it lacks breathability as it does not have the usual holes in Crocs that are supposed to be helpful in providing excellent ventilation.

How to Choose the Best Kitchen Footwear?

Now that you know about three of the best kitchen footwear to date, here are some of the many things to look for:

1. Slip-resistance

Working in the kitchen, whether it is in your actual workplace or at home, exposes you to safety hazards that can lead to falling and slipping. Few of these hazards are oil, spilled foods, soap, water, and grease.

Note that the kitchen floor is unforgiving most of the time. With a kitchen shoe that features a slip-resistant sole, you’ll have fewer worries since it’s a big help in keeping you safe all the time.

2. Comfortable

Especially if your job requires you to handle a 12-hour shift in the kitchen, you really need a comfy shoe. You know that the shoe is comfortable if it has cushioned heel units, highly breathable uppers, and proper arch support.

With these features, you can protect not only your legs but also your joints and legs. You can also maintain the freshness and dryness of your feet while also preventing fungal infections and sores.

3. Removable Insole

If possible, invest in a kitchen shoe with removable insoles. With this insole, changing it to fit your gait and arch structure perfectly is much easier. Such will let you find an insole that can help distribute your weight safely, comfortably, and evenly. Having a removable insole is also helpful when washing.

4. Toe Protection

It is important for your shoe to offer protection to your toes, especially because there are heavy pans, hot objects, and sharp knives in the kitchen that might drop down. Consider the specific role you are playing in the kitchen and the tasks you need to do as this will help you decide on the level of toe protection you need.

Final Words

The best kitchen footwear for work and home can make a lot of difference once you start performing your tasks. When making your choice, look for the perfect design for you, too. If possible, choose slip-on shoes and clogs as those can lessen the hassle you need to deal with when you are in the kitchen.

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