Best Electric Skillets: The Latest of the Best Electric Skillets Revealed

Best Electric Skillets: Check the review of the top 5 best electric skillet review and its ultimate buying guide. If you’re looking for the latest, these products may be your pick!

Are you in need of an additional cooktop space? The best electric skillets are a useful choice for situations like this. It is handy, safe and easy to use. Just the right job for a busy cooking!

This kitchen wonder has gone so popular to every home and has been recognized because of its versatility. Therefore, it’s no longer a surprise when many new models have come up.

Each product is offering the best features that suit our need and finances.

What are electric skillets?

Are electric skillets something new for you? Comparing to the traditional cookware, these electric skillets have benefits that an ordinary pan can’t offer.

  • Electric skillets can be handy as an emergency solution when you need more stovetop to cook.
  • They’re also convenient to use when you don’t like to make fire or heat up the kitchen.
  • You can bring it anywhere it suits you.
  • You can even use it as a food server and warmer on the table.
  • You can use it for stir-fry, deep fry, sauté or even grill.

Important Factors You Need to Watch Out for When Buying an Electric Skillet

The main advantage of using these electric skillets is to save our time and effort spent in cooking. It gives us the luxury that a traditional cookware has to offer.

Hence, this electric skillet is suitable for both people who need to cook food in a short time and for those that need help in cooking much food in less time. However, different kinds are competing in the market to prove their worth.

As a buyer, here are the aspects that you need to look for.


Various sizes are available on the market today. So, you need to know your priorities. There are two considerations to think of when choosing a size.

1. The number of people you are cooking for

If you only cook for a small family, of course, you must buy the small size. Yet, if you mean to use the skillet for a special occasion to cater a lot of people, you need a big size. Same goes for chefs who plan to buy this item for business purposes.

In fact, there is a size that is appropriate for just one or two people.

2. The space you can spare at home

Storage is a critical measures when buying a kitchen appliance. Imagine the space at home allocated for storage. The bigger the area, the wider the size choices you can make.

But, if you only have a little space in your kitchen, I think it is advisable to pick a smaller one. The same should apply to space on the counter where you need to place your skillet when in use.

Temperature Range

Most buyers wouldn’t remember this factor until it’s too late. Well, you must not forget temperature. It will also be dependent on the way you want to cook your food.

If your purpose is to deep fry, you buy the product that can heat up to 450 deg. On the other hand, if you’re only fond of stir-frying or pan frying, the model who can heat up lesser will be enough.

Height of the sides

Check the sides of the skillet. Is it high enough to meet your cooking need? Or is it too high?

High sides are necessary when you’re going to cook larger food like whole chicken. It will not spill out from the pan. Low sides can’t offer you that advantage. It’s better to choose one that can be used in many ways.


If your priority is longevity, choose a skillet that is durable. A product that is known for its capability to withstand longer use. A pan that can be used over and over again but still serves the same.


There are products who can offer multiple features. There’s one that has a grill and at the same time functions as a pan.

If you prefer a skillet that can be maximized in terms of versatility, you can pick the type who offers you the most. Otherwise, if you only plan to cook eggs, the simplest feature would do. But that won’t be practical, is it?


You plan ahead the specs that you intend to look for. You don’t need to pay the extra price for a feature that you don’t need in the first place. Stick to your aim. With the market competition, there’s bound to be a product that’s best for you.

Glass Lid

Here are the benefits of buying a skillet that has a glass lid.

  • It looks cool for a good design.
  • It saves you from oil burns.
  • It’s healthy. Cooking without adding water is nutritious.
  • You can see right through on the food your cooking.
  • It cooks fast, saving electricity.


Drainage spouts give you comfort while cooking.

  • It makes it easy for you to drain your food.
  • It allows draining the food without the mess.
  • It is less prone to accident.


I don’t buy skillets that don’t have heat resistant handles. Heat-resistant handles are easy to use. Won’t burn me, saves time and keeps me from using uncomfortable mitts.

Steam Vent

For safety, a steam vent for me is necessary. Steam helps cook the food healthy and quick but it also creates pressure inside. Without a vent, the pressure will cause the lid to fly off the skillet and hit me.

Pick the product who has a vent. There is also a feature that allows you to adjust the size of the vent, depending on how you need them to be.


As traditional pans, the shape of the skillet is necessary. Thinks of what you need. The best electric skillets offer a variety of different shapes. A rectangular shape, for example, is more effective in browning large meats compared to round one.

Cleaning Method

If you are not fond of cleaning, choose the skillet that is dishwasher friendly. Some skillets can only be cleaned using a little liquid soap and rugs. Most of the electric skillets are not dishwasher safe, so make sure you buy the right one.

Non-stick coating

For me, the non-stick coating is already a vital factor of my cookware. It’s for the reason that it saves me from a lot of things. It saves me from using a lot of oil, spending more time in cleaning and more.

I recommend you choose one that has a non-stick coating for your comfort and convenience.

The Top5 Best Electric Skillet Review

1. Presto 06857 16-inch Electric Foldaway Skillet, Black

Traditional pans now have a very strong competition. This electric skillet is featured with a heavy cast aluminum base and a deluxe non-stick surface inside and out. Both the skillet pan and the lid are safe for dishwashers provided that you remove the heating control.

If you’re looking for a convenient kitchen appliance to use, Presto offers this built-in spout for pouring the liquid out from the skillet. The spout does not only make the cooking easy and safe but it also serves as an opening for the steam to come out.

It also prevents the lid from fogging up and works as a spoon and spatula holder during food serving.

What’s more, it’s equipped with foldable handles to make it easy to detach skillet from the base. It also gives an advantage during storage and cleaning purposes. As versatile as it can be, this 16” skillet has automatic temperature control (400 deg. as the highest temp), high sides for extra cooking (much deeper than other skillets) and serving capacity.

Cook roast, fries, grills, stews, bakes and more of your favorite dish without worrying to consume much of energy. This product is efficient than a range burner or oven. On top of this, the tempered glass cover and the non-heat conductive handles allow the skillet to function as a nice buffet server.

  • Not messy to use
  • Cooks evenly
  • Easy to handle
  • Simple to clean
  • Less storage needed
  • Fast heating
  • Stress-free to put it together and take it apart
  • Instructions are user-friendly
  • Maintains even and constant temp without shutting it off.
  • Great design and engineering
  • Worth the price
  • It doesn’t heat up the kitchen like a stove top
  • The metal strip at the base rubs against the Teflon coating of the skillet.

2. Presto 06852 16-Inch Electric Skillet with Glass Cover

With the numerous brands out there, what will you choose eventually? How about trying a peek on this deluxe non-stick surface electric skillet? Observe the coating inside and out for your stick- free cooking and easy cleaning.

Because of its fine look, you can use it as a cookware and a perfect buffet server as well. It does not cost much but would be giving you savings since it’s more efficient than a stovetop or oven.

And moreover, you don’t need to fuss about cleaning. The electric skillet is absolutely immersible and dishwasher safe. Nevertheless, you need to remove first the heat controller before placing it inside for washing.

The jumbo size 16” cooking surface has high side walls for a bigger space and capacity to meet your cooking demand. The multipurpose skillet can be used for frying, stew, casserole, grill and many more. Lastly, it comes with a tamper-resistant glass lid that lets you see through while cooking.

  • Time saver and cooks fast
  • The big handle is sturdy enough to lift with food inside.
  • The lid is solid and sturdy.
  • It cleans easily
  • Worth the price
  • Reasonably reliable product
  • Even cooking
  • Greatly recommended for campers
  • Non-stick coating is low quality, it did not last long.
  • Bulky to store

3. Hamilton Beach Deep Dish Durathon Ceramic Skillet

Traditional cookware needs to watch out for this new competition. If you are looking for a perfect alternative, the best electric skillet surely would be your first consideration.

The Hamilton non-stick ceramic electric skillet is four times more durable than our good old pans. It’s been tested not to crack or peel. The flexible 3” deep skillet can be used for sautéing, fry, simmer or braise and deals a huge capacity to make more.

The Durathon ceramic coating provides you with superior non-stick performance. You also have the option to adjust the heat range and suit your recipe while enjoying the comfort of heat- resistant handles.

And it does not end there! The skillet can be used for cooking and as a buffet server as well. Lastly, don’t worry about the washing since it is completely dishwasher safe.

  • So handy, recommendable for campers
  • Easy to clean
  • It’s great that the coating color is blue rather than the usual black.
  • Durable
  • User-friendly
  • The cord is short and has a built-in right angle that’s difficult to position on the left side.
  • In 3 weeks’ time, it started to make a loud humming noise.

4. De’Longhi BG45 Electric Skillet

I know that each product from this top list is hard to beat. This De’Longhi, however, is one that won’t take the least. The skillet’s embedded heating element guarantees the most efficient and cooks the most effective and quick way.

One of its great features is the adjustable vent holes for an easy steam evaporation and its non-stick surface. And of course, the easy cleaning due to the dishwasher-safe lid and non-stick skillet base is a convenience. Simply place inside the dishwasher for easy and fast washing.

With this electric skillet, the consistent and thoroughly cooked food is a guarantee because of its fully-embedded skillet base that distributes heat evenly to prevent overly hot or cold spots. The handles come as cool to the touch for easy movement.

The tempered glass lid itself keeps the food staying fresh and warm. Lastly, it has a detachable adjustable thermostat for ideal results.

  • It makes a nice tabletop presentation.
  • Works as advertised
  • Worth the price and works well
  • Easy to use and store.
  • Nice size and shape
  • Easy to clean
  • Good quality
  • The power supply is so tight that I need help in inserting and removing.
  • The bottom gets so very hot it ruins the countertop.

5. Oster CKSTSKFM12-ECO DuraCeramic Electric Skillet, 12-Inch

Now, I am introducing the unique and innovative Dura Ceramic non-stick ceramic coating electric skillet. It’s four times more durable compared to other skillets and won’t ever flake or peel.

The dura ceramic surface provides an exceptional non-stick performance and lasting durability. With its cool touch handles, knobs and natural ceramic coating, it is noted to be healthy and easy to clean.

Aside from that, it’s free from PTFE and PFOA chemicals. Known for its fast cooking feature, it saves 20% in time and energy. Large or small meals, this product can accommodate them all.

The skillet has a tamper-resistant lid too that has a steam vent feature for more cooking convenience. Lastly, the removable, adjustable temperature control accurately sets cooking temperature to achieve your desired results.

  • Easy to clean
  • Just the right size for a family of five
  • Very handy and good for quick meals
  • Very thin pan
  • Uneven heating

The right way to maintain the electric skillet

  • Use wooden utensils as much as possible. The coating for electric skillets is not lasting. Using hard utensils can scrape out its non-stick coating.
  • Continue doing so, then the non-stick coating that you have paid for will be scraped out. It would also leave your skillet unpleasant to the eyes.
  • Use mild detergent soap when washing your skillet. Using the strong solution might harm the non-stick coating. So, it is best to soak the food stains with water first before washing to prevent damage to the surface of the skillet.

My Best Pick

Obviously, my best pick is Presto Electric Foldaway Electric Skillet. Let me share with you why I love it among the rest. Of all the positive reviews, this product got the highest of it all. That means many have tested and used this item who have testified its great features.

The price also is not that hard to my budget. Thus, I am willing and happy to buy and use this at home.

Final Thoughts

Traditional pans and pots are precious collection to have in the kitchen. Yet, these best electric skillets are a practical, convenient and easy tool to use while cooking. It offers comfort and versatility for the user.

Not mentioning the saving of time, effort and energy that it provides, this new appliance is a practical addition to the list of useful tools at home. Did you find this article useful in your venture of picking the best skillet to bring home?

Rest assured that all the products we have reviewed are from the top 5 list based on the highest positive reviews given by users. Whatever you decide to choose, the item is already a winner itself. Good luck!

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