8 Essential Equipment You Should Have For Mexican Cooking

Mexican food has gathered a huge popularity all over the world. What you probably do not know is that to cook Mexican food you will not only need Hard Anodized Cookware but a set of very specific equipments to whip up some amazing Mexican Food. There is no doubt that Mexican food cab be very healthy indeed. The food has a good mix of carbohydrates, protein, minerals and Vitamins. The fat content in Mexican food is also supposed to be very low hence it is considered to be very healthy.

The dishes have changed over the years due to changes in taste and culture. In the olden days traditional Mexican food was always cooked in pots made of clay and were placed on open fires. The clay pots have been replaced with some cool equipment that facilitates better and quicker cooking. The tools that you must  buy to cook Mexican food are listed below.

8 Essential Equipment You Should Have For Mexican Cooking

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Some of the equipments used to cook Mexican food


This is an equipment that is found in every Mexican house or houses that have people who cook Mexican food. This is a griddle that is used primarily to grill or roast food. The traditional comal were made of clay today these are made of aluminum, cast iron or tera cot. The good thing is that these are found in various sizes and shapes.

This equipment plays a very important part in enhancing the taste of the food by leaps and bounds. The process of seasoning the comal is a time consuming affair, so you have to keep cooking on it for the flavor to develop. This equipment is used to roast food items like nuts, spices, chilies, quesadillas, fajitas and tortillas. You can even use it to sear vegetables and meat. You may even grill or roast anything you want on it.

8 Essential Equipment You Should Have For Mexican Cooking

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Tortilla Maker

This equipment is usually made of cast iron and  runs on electricity, you may use this to make tortillas and breads. The equipment has two plates made of cast iron and they are connected by a hinge. The device has an attachment that looks like a lever that you can use to apple pressure on the dough to flatten it.

Using this device is a breeze and it makes cooking a lot easier. Thanks to this wonderful tool you can now cook corn tortillas, however you should note that you cannot make wheat tortillas in this. You can utilize this tool to press dough used for dumplings and to make pie shells.

8 Essential Equipment You Should Have For Mexican Cooking

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Lime Squeezer

Most Mexican dishes use a lot of fresh ingredients that add a lovely flavor and aroma to them . Lime juice is one such ingredient that is used to add a lot of flavor to vegetables, meat, salsas and guacamoles. So if you are the kind of person that loves cooking Mexican food often you can simply buy a lime squeezer. You can get a lot of juice out of a lemon with a single squeeze. This equipment is able to extract all the juice and leave behind the seeds.

8 Essential Equipment You Should Have For Mexican Cooking

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Tamale Steamer

Most people will know that Tamale is dish that is prepared through steaming. The dish is basically a filing made of meat and a husk made of corn to wrap the filling. This dish is prepared inside a steamer. A tamale steamer is an equipment that has a steaming basket with perforations to keep the tamales and a cooking pot with a lid. To cook the tamale properly you have to add a lot of water and then put the tamales within the basket.

This steamer is found in a variety of materials like galvanized materials, aluminum and stainless steel. You will also find steamers in various sizes depending on the quantity of food to be cooked. Though this equipment is mainly to steam tamale the good thing is you can use it to steam other food items too. So it is quite versatile in that respect.

8 Essential Equipment You Should Have For Mexican Cooking

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Tejolote and Molcajete

This is one tool that should not be missed out on, we all know that the flavor of Mexican dishes is heavily dependent on spices. This tool is used to crush spices, once the spices are crushed completely they release a very nice aroma. It is this aroma that gives Mexican food its flavor and freshness. This tool needs to be seasoned well with spices and rock salt before you go ahead and use it.

This tool is an effective grinder and can be used to crush a variety of items like tomatoes, ginger, garlic and spices for dishes like guacamole and salsa. You can also use this tool to prepare fresh sauces and to crush herbs.

8 Essential Equipment You Should Have For Mexican Cooking

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It is said that Mexican hot chocolate is simply to die for and this tool called Molinillo plays a very important part in the process of making hot chocolate. This tool is very decorative and it is made from wood and is used to crush chocolate. This is also used to stir melted chocolate to add a nice frothy texture to it. This traditional tool is used to make creamy hot chocolate. This can also be used  to add froth to coffee and to milk shake.

8 Essential Equipment You Should Have For Mexican Cooking

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Cazo DE Cobre

This tool is popularly known as the copper pot in English, this tool is usually used to cook desert sauce which is known has Cajeta. Cajeta is made from canela, cinnamon, baking soda, sugar and milk. This is a Mexican syrup that is sweet and thick and is used for a topping on items like waffles, pies, fruits, biscuits, crackers, brownies, cakes and ice creams.

This particular dish needs simmering for at least two hours and the pot plays an important part in it. A pot made of copper conducts heat properly and it can cook the sauce well without causing any burn. This is why the Cazo de Cobre is used to prepare Cajeta. The tool is utilized in preparing desserts, carnitas and Cajetas.

8 Essential Equipment You Should Have For Mexican Cooking

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You should know that copper pots are expensive; if you are using this pot on an electrice stove it will not transfer any heat. So you can use the Dutch oven to prepare the Cajeta, you can also consider using a stainless steel pot to prepare this dessert sauce.

So by now it is evident that  preparing Mexican food is no panic, so make sure that you have the right kind of equipment as it is already said that the success of your efforts lie in the flavor and aroma of the food. You can buy these tools from almost anywhere; make sure to buy from reputed brands as you can be rest assured that they will last for a long time to come. Do not settle for cheap brands as the quality may be flimsy. Once you buy the right kind of equipment you can whip up mouth watering dishes and take them to your Tailgating Parties and give friends a surprise with your culinary skills. If you can get hold of the these tools cooking Mexican food will become a lot easier, you can also start following various recipes and cook other Mexican food too. Buy these equipments and start cooking today.

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