5 Drinks Support Lowering Your Blood Pressure

You are making an effort to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, there are so many issues that are out of your control, especially the blood pressure. Age, genetics, prolonged stress, and insomnia are some different factors that may cause high blood pressure.

How Far Do You Know What Blood Pressure Is?

When your heart beats, it pumps blood through your organs to supply the energy for the body. As the blood moves, it pushes against the blood vessels. The strength of this pushing is your blood pressure. If this numeral is too high, it puts extra strain on your arteries. This might lead to heart attacks and strokes.

In this post, I’m going to suggest many drinks that are significantly helpful for lowering blood pressure. However, this disease happens to not only old people but also the young. Whatever your age, please read this post until the end. Many details are all important and you may find out the best way to keep your blood pressure stable.

1. Tomato Juice

According to many experts, insomnia is the cause of high blood pressure due to prolonged stress. A rich source of vitamin C and lycopene in tomatoes can improve quickly your problem.

Many factors also come from your daily diet. That food contains high- fat content adds bad cholesterol to your body. What will happen? Cardiovascular diseases are inevitable but you don’t need worry so much.

Some researchers have shown that tomatoes contain chromium and very small amount of carbohydrate, which can protect your arteries as well as control cholesterol effectively.

A glass of tomato juice an hour before lunch is really perfect. If you don’t want to drink, you can totally mix tomatoes with salad or something else that suit to a healthy diet.

2. Gohyah Tea

Gohyah is commonly known as bitter gourd. It will be dried to produce tea without flavor additive. Thus it offers countless health benefits. Gohyah tea plays a major role in protecting against various diseases, especially high blood pressure.

Keeps Track Of Blood Pressure

Taking Gohyah tea regularly helps you control blood sugar levels. In addition, Gohyah tea contains Charantin, Vicine, polypeptide-P that contribute to moderating insulin resistance. Thereby it plays a major role in preventing diabetes and keep your blood pressure more stable.

Helps In Controlling Obesity

High blood pressure has been scientifically linked to obesity. This disease increases the insulin content in blood, reabsorbs sodium from kidneys and produce the hormone of RRA system. All these factors put the pressure on blood vessels.

On the contrary, Gohyah tea help controls obesity considerably. It prevents fat cells accumulation in your body. By helping to break down fatty acids it helps in accelerating the process of metabolism. Drinking Gohyah tea helps to control obesity in an effective way and thereby reduces the risk of high blood pressure.

Just need a glass of gohyah tea per day to maintain your general health. If you can’t taste the flavor of gohyah tea, you can take 10g dried tea with 150g meat and 3 or 4 bowls of water to cook the soup. It’s delicious indeed.

3. Low-Fat Milk

Many researchers have suggested that people don’t need to take medicines to prevent high blood pressure or keep it stable. Just need to enhance the absorption of calcium to balance this health problem.

Low-fat milk is really an abundant source of calcium. This makes the perfect difference between it and whole milk. Many people who absorb only 300mg calcium per day can be at risk having high blood pressure than those who take more than 1300mg.

This comparison shows that high blood pressure seems to be the system of calcium deficiency. Three glasses or bottles of low-fat milk per day to help lower blood pressure. If you have many problems with milk, choose another low-fat dairy product to have a nutritious diet.

4. Hibiscus Tea

Hibiscus Tea is made by boiling hibiscus flowers. The tea is red in color and it has naturally sour flavor . It is rich in minerals and vitamin C that prevent blood vessels from being injured and increase the good amount of cholesterol like HDL.

One of the strongest effects of Hibiscus tea is the ability to lower blood pressure. A research has shown that drink Hibiscus tea regularly makes equivalent results to using antihypertensives. That’s really astonishing.

Where can you buy the Hibiscus tea? You can find it in many local supermarkets or many areas where people plant Hibiscus Flowers.

You may be not accustomed to the sour taste of Hibiscus tea. That’s not a problem. You can add lemon or honey in a cup of tea to make its taste better. You can have either hot hibiscus tea or the cold one depending on your preference and taste.

5. Beet Juice

According to the research from Queen Mary University in 2010, if you drink 250ml beetroot juice a day, blood pressure can be reduced in a few hours. This is particularly noticeable for people with very high blood pressure as beet juice contains more nitrate-a chemical nature. While you drink beetroot juice, nitrate turns into nitric acid to improve blood flow in the body and keep blood pressure stable.

Is this post helpful to you? These are some advises that you can follow to keep your blood pressure stable. Don’t forget that many drinks or food only can account for 40% of lowering your blood pressure. Your effort and habits are 60%. It’s not difficult to maintain a healthy life as long as you follow many rules. Remember to keep your spirit from stress, get a good night’s sleep, exercise daily and eat more vegetable.

Hope your health will be always stable!

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